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5 Google Easter Eggs You Should Know About

The shops are selling hot cross buns and chocolate eggs and the weather is getting chillier by the day; that can only mean Easter is here. Here at SponsoredLinX, we love a good Easter egg, and not just the chocolate kind. We’re big fans of Google Easter eggs, and as a leading digital marketing agency and Google Partner, we’re here to let you in on a few of Google’s very best Easter eggs. They’re all hidden in plain sight, and you can easily find them if you know where to look…

What Are Google Easter Eggs? 

If you’re sitting there scratching your head wondering how Google has had time to orchestrate an Easter egg hunt, we’ll give you a quick overview of what Google Easter eggs actually are. Unfortunately, they’re not eggs of the chocolate kind. In fact, they’re not edible at all. Every now and again, Google’s programmers and backend developers will integrate games, riddles, puzzles, jokes, or other fun features into the search engine. To access these secret Easter eggs, you just have to know the right keys to press or the right words to search. So, let’s take a look at a few of our favourite Google Easter Eggs! 

SponsoredLinX’s Top 5 Google Easter Eggs 

Okay, so it’s just gone 3pm at work and you’ve hit a wall. You’re looking out the window thinking of ways to bring your brain back from the pile of mush it’s become, but you’d like it to look like you’re still working. Enter, Google Easter eggs. Try a few of these next time you hit the mid-afternoon slump. 

  • The Friends Easter Egg. If you look up any of the main characters of Friends, you’ll see a little icon next to their name. When you press it, a little animation pops up specific to their character! Make sure you turn the sound up too for some classic Friends soundbites! 
    • Joey Tribbiani: Cartoons of food, and Joey doesn’t share food! 
    • Ross Geller: The classic pivot, pivot… PIVOT!
    • Monica Geller: A little bit of a scrub up for the queen of clean herself. 
    • Rachel Green: The iconic haircut that defined the 90s. 
    • Phoebe Buffay: Smelly cat! 
    • Chandler Bing: What else other than the duck and the chicken?

  • The DVD screensaver. If you admit to understanding this one, you may be showing your age juuuust a bit. When you type ‘DVD screensaver into Google, you’ll see the Google logo bouncing from corner to corner just like it did when you’d finished watching the credits for ‘Finding Nemo’ but couldn’t be bothered to change the disc or turn the TV off. Ahh, nostalgia. 
  • In-browser games. If you’re looking to pass the time with a game or two, Google has you sorted. Whether you fancy a bit of Pacman, Snake, Solitaire, or Minesweeper, just type them into Google’s search bar and voila! Play till your heart’s content… Or until your boss tells you to get back to work.
  •  Google something like it’s 1998. If you type ‘Google like it’s 1998’ into the search bar, Google will transform to appear as it was in 1998, so you can surf the net as they did back in the days when the Spice Girls ruled the world and I cried for two days because I killed my 7th generation Tamagotchi.

  • The dinosaur game. If your internet has ever dropped out in Chrome, you’ve likely been faced with a little pixel dinosaur. Did you know he doubles as a game? You don’t need the internet to play. In fact, you can only play without the internet! Press the space bar and launch the game where your little dinosaur runs through the desert jumping over cacti. The game will continue to speed up until you miss a jump. Don’t underestimate the addictiveness of this particular Google Easter egg.

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