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Embracing Live Video In 2018 – A How-To Guide

Live video is the perfect way to showcase your brand to your audience and presents you with the unique opportunity to differentiate yourself with your competitors. With Facebook and Instagram making the world of live streaming more accessible, you can’t ignore the opportunity. Today, we’ve got a how-to guide to break down why you should embrace live video content this year and how you get started.


Despite what you may think, making a live appearance is now easier than ever before. Gone are the days of hiring a PR team in an attempt to nab a live television spot on prime time. Social media has opened the door to a whole new world of live video and provides you with the platform to create your own live video content in an easy and affordable manner, what more could you ask for?


For over a year now, Facebook has offered its users the option to incorporate live video into their day to day lives. Whether for personal use or to broadcast your brand, the social behemoth has proven beneficial for those who have chosen to utilise the process. One of the main reasons why users have found Facebook’s live video option to be so successful is it’s algorithm. Facebook has pushed your live videos to the top of consumers’ newsfeeds which provides you with a better chance to have your brand seen, which seems to be an increasingly difficult task in this day and age.


Twitter is the most recent social media platform that has chosen to implement a live video function. Stepping onto the scene in a big way, Twitter showcased their new feature by getting various major networks such as Bloomberg TV to use their platform to broadcast various forms of live video content. If you or your business already have a large following on Twitter, there is no reason not to embrace the world of live video.


As the largest online video platform, it was no surprise that YouTube was one of the first to jump into the world of live video streaming. By cutting down latency times to only a few seconds, YouTube has made its live video option even more powerful. For those of you who have a healthy number of subscribers on your YouTube channel already, live video is a must for your business on this platform.


Facebook-owned Instagram is founded on the power of the visual and so it’s no surprise they offer their own unique video option. Stepping out of the crowd, Instagram offers its viewers an alternative experience than what they’d experience elsewhere. Instagram Live videos disappear as soon as the broadcast has ended. Going live is most successful when done among an audience that is already actively engaged with your business and brand already. You may be thinking, ‘why bother if the videos are just going to disappear after I’m finished?’ well, this strategy allows your other posts to be pushed higher in your audiences news feeds while also boosting engagement during your videos.

Live Video


Live video has undoubtedly become an uncontested trend that is only going to continue to soar this year. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small to medium business, everyone has access to live streaming platforms so it is time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Dunkin Donuts is an example of a well-known brand that successfully utilised their video platform to promote their business. Last Valentine’s Day, they took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their products on a well-known holiday by broadcasting their test kitchen. They were able to show their audience how they create new flavours and creations while promoting their products and encouraging sales.

Live Video


As always, there is an appropriate time and place for everything. You may be wondering when or what event you should go live at to spring your company into this new world. You can start with a product launch, staff party or demonstrations. Anything that you believe will benefit your brand through live video is appropriate! Buzzfeed began a live stream of their staff pranking their boss on his birthday by putting goats in his office. With over 1.8 million views, the live stream boosted their following my a marginal amount and benefited their brand tremendously.

Live Video


The beauty of live video is that you are able to tell your brand’s story in real time and in the way you decide. You’re provided with the opportunity to make your live videos unique to your brand and its values.

Make A Plan

Regardless of what you choose to be doing in your video, a plan ensures that it goes in the direction that you are aiming for. A plan does not mean a script of a step by step guide as to how the video should be filmed. It is simply a mapped out idea of what you intend to include in the video, a general idea to get you start in order to ensure you are not left at a standstill.

Get The Right Tools

Whether it is lights, furniture, props or special guests, it is important to ensure that you have everything you need for when you create your live video. Are you using a tripod? Do you need to find a space with a better internet connection? Whatever it may be, there is nothing better than being prepared.

Live Video

Live video content is a fantastic way to engage with your audience while growing your fan base. With the right tools and ideas in place, you will no doubt be able to deliver high-quality content with no trouble at all.

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