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Digital Buzz: Are You A Fan Of The New Facebook Video Updates?

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the technological advances happening in our world—there’s always so much going on! Today, we peer into some of the latest Facebook video updates, and dish out the info you need to know! 

Facebook must have been feeling the love this February, because as a Valentine’s day present, they released several new Facebook video updates. Let’s get into them below!

  • Vertical Video Settings

    In response to customer feedback, Facebook have decided to implement changes to how vertical videos are viewed on mobile devices. This will now see portrait-style video content displayed in a larger format—making the viewing experience more pleasant for iOS and Android users.

  • Watch and Scroll

    It’s well known that internet users these days have short attention spans, and as a result, many like to multitask (watching videos and scrolling at the same time). While Facebook’s video minimiser option has been available for a while, users will now also be able to drag the minimised video to any corner of their screen—and even keep it playing when Facebook is closed (if they’re on Android)—allowing them to continue scrolling while watching/listening to the video.

  • Facebook for TV

    Just like Netflix, you can now watch Facebook videos via an app on your TV! No more setting up your ‘Apple AirPlay’ streaming on your phone, and waiting for the video to connect (which can be frustrating if your WiFi is a little on the slow side); now you can simply stream your favourite videos directly from the app, all in the one place!
    “With the app, you can watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, top live videos from around the world, and recommended videos based on your interests. You can also catch up on videos you’ve saved to watch later, as well as revisit videos you’ve watched, shared or uploaded,” Facebook said in their recent announced. 

    Facebook have revealed that the app will soon be available to app stores for Apple, Amazon Fire, and Samsung Smart TV.

  • Automatic Sound for News Feed Videos

    Due to our tendency to use Facebook while on the train or other public spaces, most of us are used to videos playing without sound (unless tapped on); however, this is about to change. Yes, much to the disappointment of many, Facebook will now set video content to automatically play with sound (as you scroll through your feed, you’ll notice the sound will gradually fade in and out with each video). Luckily however, you can do away with this feature by simply setting your phone to silent or disabling the feature in your settings (so you can continue to secretly watch Facebook videos at workdon’t pretend you don’t). 

With video continuing its takeover in the digital marketing world, it’s no surprise that Facebook are continuing to develop the user-friendliness of video viewing—we look forward to seeing what they’ll do next!