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Choosing The Ultimate Facebook Ad Type

If you’re still using direct mail, print ads or television commercials — social media marketing costs almost nothing compared to those traditional outlets. Over the past couple of years, both the technology and services behind Facebook Ads have improved immensely. Meaning, now they’re affordable and cost-effective form of online marketing. With the ability to target direct consumers, you’re ensured to reach your ideal market through this strategy.

Facebook offers several formats to choose from depending on the result you want. Your options include a carousel ad of two or more scrollable images or videos, a single image advert where you can create up to six variations of the one ad using a sole image, a single video ad, a slideshow ad of up to 10 looping images or video, and Facebook Lead Ads.

Let’s take a look into each of these choices to see which one is ideal for you and your brand.


Carousel ads are designed to allow businesses more options to display and encourage the purchase of their products. You can get creative by spanning one product across a set of images. Or, show one product per image to show off your range. Carousel ads also have the ability to link to different landing pages per image. If you don’t have products to sell, you could have a step-by-step explanation of how your business operates its services. Carousel ads benefit greatly from the interactive feature and the flexibility of being able to add up to 10 images!

Facebook Ad Type

Single Image

No matter your industry , consumers and clients put more trust into a brand that’s visible online. A single image advert on Facebook is a simple and clean way to increase awareness of you and your business. With Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram, your ads can now appear there simultaneously. You can create this photo advert (and have it shown on Instagram) through posting the image to your Facebook page and boosting it.

Facebook Ad Type


Single Video

Videos have an ability to invoke emotions. Whether they be happy, sad, or inspiring and altruistic. While videos are not as popular on Facebook compared with YouTube, Facebook still can put your ad in front of the right audience. What’s more, those people are more likely to watch your ad and not skip it like some would on YouTube. Facebook has put a lot of research into the way videos are viewed on their platform to help you decide what kind of video would interest your audience the best.

Facebook Ad Type


One of the most dynamic options for advertising, slideshow adverts can be made from images and video. A cheaper option to your video advert, yet still as captivating! Slideshow ads are ideal for anyone who wishes to incorporate motion, sound and text. Better yet, slideshow ads are capable of loading and playing at any connection speed. Simply put, slideshow ads are a cost-effective way of producing interactive ads that involve both image and video in one place.

Facebook Ad Type

Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are ideal for contacting warm leads and building an email list. Lead Ads auto-fill most of the fields a potential customer would usually enter manually meaning less effort on their behalf to encourage the follow through. And, therefore easier to sell to – all you have to do is follow them up with a phone call or email. Leads Ads act as a conversation starter between a business and an interested customer while also making it simpler for consumers to learn about your business as you continue to generate leads.

Facebook Ad Type

Not sure which one is right for your business? At SponsoredLinX we boast a dedicated and expert Facebook management team! Get in touch on 1300 859 600 today!