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The Art of High Converting Landing Pages

Sadly, we see landing pages belonging to small to medium business owners which are suffering from a disconnect. So many marketing activities online direct people to a business’ homepage and not a specific landing page, when the truth is your conversion rate could drastically improve if that traffic were being diverted to the correct landing page.

For this very reason we’re running an Optimise Webinar later in the month (27th April at 10:30 am AEST to be exact) on The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page. You can register for free here. Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, will be covering everything you could possibly need to know about how to create a high converting, optimised landing page. Landing pages are severely underutilised. You can also learn valuable information about your target demographics when you direct your online traffic to a high converting landing page, which can then inform decisions you make in relation to other aspects of your online marketing strategy. You can actually pinpoint what customer personas are converting well, and then you can devise new ways to target your marketing to them.

Check out our latest infographic which takes a look at high converting landing pages.

The Art to High Converting Landing Pages Infographic #2