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Let’s Talk About Bounce Rates

Bounce Rate – what is it and does it really matter? You have probably heard that your website’s bounce rate is a clear indication of how relevant and successful your website, and landing pages, are. This is not entirely true. If you have been told this, or read this, then we’ve got news for you. Don’t get me wrong, analysing a bounce rate is still important, but, its relevance is totally reliant on what landing page and web page within your website you are analysing.

We’ve gone ahead and created an infographic which discusses exactly this, but you can always learn more at our upcoming Optimise Webinar, ‘The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page’ hosted by SponsoredLinX Academy and presented by SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, Ben Bradshaw! Join us on Wednesday 27th April at 10:30 am by simply registering here.

Bounce rate infographic #3