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Why Is Social Media Important To SEO?

Long story short: Because search engines cannot afford to ignore it. With Google in particular, long before they launched Google+ they spent a lot of time figuring out how to rank facebook within their search results.

2013 Heralds Social Media

Social media, a fancy term, that describes the forces behind facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other Web 2.0 services that allow online users to connect with one another in a virtual social environment.

Get Ready To Embrace Social Media!

The time for social media is coming and it’s closer than you think. Very soon facebook will be releasing a feature entitled “Graph Search”, which just might revolutionise the way we search!

Facebook Launches Search Engine To Rival Google

Facebook has escalated its rivalry with Google and launched a new feature, doubling as a search engine for shared content using the vast amount of information available on the world’s largest social network.

A Conflict Of Pinterest?

Rapidly becoming the fastest growing social network in history, Pinterest is a Web 2.0 site dedicated to the sharing of pictures and artwork through the social medium.

Google Plus Review

Google Plus is really exciting for the internet marketing industry as it’s the first time that social media and search are integrated into the one platform.