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Facebook Launches Search Engine To Rival Google

Facebook has escalated its rivalry with Google and launched a new feature, doubling as a search engine for shared content using the vast amount of information available on the world’s largest social network.

Graph Search is a tool that allows its network of over one billion users to search for specific content on the social network, achieving the ambition Google had originally possessed for Google Plus.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said users will be able to tailor their searches, such as specifying music and restaurants that their friends like, or their favourite dentist. The reverse is also possible, such as discovering friends who have an interest in a particular topic. When fully functional, the tool will give online users an incentive to spend less time on Google and potentially LinkedIn.

The tool comes after a long-held rivalry between tech giants Google and Facebook, but for the consumer-fuelled business world, this tool has a lot of untapped potential for start-ups and established small businesses alike.

Historically, the development and distribution of these features can take some time getting out of Silicon Valley and into mainstream Australia, but with an expected reform of Facebook’s advertising services, experts are predicting that Facebook’s search advertising market share could climb to 5% in the United States.

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