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Google Plus Review

Here at SponsoredLinx, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the internet marketing industry, offering advice to our clients on optimising their websites through AdWords, SEO and Google Advertising Management.  There is no doubt a lot of opposing information for businesses and what is the best way for them to market themselves online. The latest talk is all based around Google’s yet to be launched platform, Google Plus. Business owners are wondering whether this just another scam – all hype and no real results?  Here is the low-down on Google Plus, the way we see it.

Google Plus is really exciting for the internet marketing industry as it’s the first time that social media and search are integrated into the one platform. The potential in this has been recognised by the 20 million subscribers who have already caught on.

Some of the key benefits of Google Plus is the ability to separate “friends” into different groups, and then target the groups, or “circles” as they are known, with posts.  Facebook does not allow users to segregate our different friendship groups, with the only option being setting up a business page specifically for professional contacts, which offers reduced functionality.

As well as being cleaner and easier to navigate, other key advantages are the ability for users to “like” search results and then recommend these to friends, as well as the ability to search for new “friends” via Google, and not only within the social media platform itself.

This integration with a search platform has other enormous benefits for businesses by consolidating their web presence and furthering SEO rankings at the same time. In addition, Google Plus is also introducing entirely new concepts, such as Google Hangouts, where users can share real-time photos and video content online, and Google Sparks, a function that delivers internet content that may be of interest direct to your account.

There is no doubt that there was a gap in the market for a platform that integrates all of these key business and personal portals in the one place and this is it. Businesses and private users should welcome this concept with enthusiasm.