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Get Ready To Embrace Social Media!

The time for social media is coming and it’s closer than you think. Very soon facebook will be releasing a feature entitled “Graph Search”, which just might revolutionise the way we search!

Imagine for a second that you need an optometrist. Quite often you’d then be wondering if any of your friends might be able to recommend a good one.

Imagine then that you could INSTANTLY know exactly which optometrists your friends had been to and how they felt about the service they received there rather than just pulling up a website from a traditional search engine and hoping for the best or putting off a booking until your friends may or may not get back to you.

With Graph Search, this is EXACTLY what is on offer.

Using their unique database of information, facebook are now able to offer a search engine where you can enter multiple unique search parameters and combine them for one filtered and very targeted result. Things like, “friends of my friends who like Sydney dental and are female,” (not sure why I included the female part, just making a point).

Add to this the HUGE potential of facebook advertising, which has been refined and improved over the past year to a point where you could target only one person if you wanted to and you’ve got some incredibly powerful tools to work with!

Facebook competitions and advertising go hand in hand and if you are managing your page correctly (meaning you interact with your audience and offer them something to keep them coming back) then you can expect some serious re-marketing potential as well as acquisition of new customers via direct referrals and pay-per-click ads.

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