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Google – What are they up to?

There is no doubt that Google has become a household name and the only tool to search online. This dominance & ever expanding leadership has given them amazing strength to be able to stay ahead of the market by continuing to innovate and discover new markets to invest into. Lets take a look at what Google is up to at present . . .

In addition to their flagship products – AdWords, Ad Exchange, Google +, Google Commerce, AdSense & the Display Network, they also own YouTube and the Android Mobile software platform. In a 3 way tussle between Apple and Microsoft, the Android Mobile system is picking up a very large chunk of this market. Google have also purchased Motorola which will eventually give them the ability to develop their own mobile phone hardware to rival the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Google are also determined to dominate market share in cloud computing and are investing heavily into this arena. Google cloud services have a large range of products such as its Appengine, BigQuery as well as standard cloud storage. Google’s main competitor in this area is Amazon and Google have been slashing prices by up to 20% In January to gain fast market share.
With company revenue at 50 Billion per annum, about 48 billion in the bank and ever increasing growth with last Quarter revenue growth skyrocketing by over 20%, Google seem to have unlimited potential to grow and are only scratching the surface of what will be possible in the future. At about $700 per share and 14 times earnings looking into 2014, Google appears to be poised for monumental growth.
What will they do next?