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What’s Trending in the Business World this Week?

1. Rupert Murdoch’s $US80 billion bid for Time Warner. The Australian media mogul’s company, 21st Century Fox, has made a bid for Time Warner, who own HBO (the Game of Thrones producers), CNN, Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Time Warner has rejected the initial offer but many believe Murdoch is determined to get it. One reason for this move on Murdoch’s part is distribution. There’s huge consolidation going on in the US cable market; a company this size would have a lot of leverage in negotiations with the bigger cable companies.

2. The Dow hit a record high, closing at 17,123, up 0.4%, being lifted by the Time Warner offer.

3. The US has escalated sanctions against Russia, amid continuing tensions on the Ukraine border between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists. The new sanction list includes giant Russian companies like Rosneft, which is the world’s largest oil company, and Gazprombank, Russia’s largest private bank.

4. Kim Kardashian stands to make even more money from her new app “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, a game in which players work their way up to being an A-list celebrity and Kardashian’s friend.The game drives in-app purchases and advertising as it’s main source of revenue and looks like it might bring in around $200 million this year. Kim gets to keep 45% of revenue. Check out more on this game here.

5. Google is hiring a team of the best hackers from around the world to fix the internet. Google is taking measures to make sure hidden internet vulnerabilities don’t get out of hand with an effort known as Project Zero. Project Zero is dedicated to finding the most severe security flaws in software around the world and fixing them, no matter how difficult they are to find.