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The Internet of Things

Is it relevant to your business?

The future belongs to those who create, not consume! As a business owner, you are in luck! The Internet of Things (IOT), is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch, to the Internet and each other. They are devices communicating with each other intuitively without you having to go out of your way.

It’s already happening! Look at how many devices we can link to Wi-Fi already; phones, laptops, wearables, TV’s, PlayStations. What next? Let’s think big for a moment! Let’s step ten or twenty years into the future… Yes it’s scary but how far will technology and innovation push convenience in 2025 to 2035? Yikes!

Imagine your alarm goes off in the morning and the minute you step out of bed, a signal is sent from your phone to your kitchen coffee maker to start brewing. You take a shower and the temperature is set to your preference automatically.

Now it’s time for coffee and breakfast! Oh look my coffee is fresh and my eggs, bacon and toast have already been made to perfection by my ibreakfast device. Off to work in my smart car, it drives and parks itself, carefully navigating through traffic and always connected to GPS, taking the fastest route with less traffic. It finds a park which is vacant near my office building and my GPS says that if I want to reserve it, I can pay for it now via iPay. All I need to do is offer my voice security algorithm that’s specific to my decibel pitch and payment is done. My smart car licence number is linked to that car park for the day and no one else can park there.

Internet of Things Isometric Representation - The Chatter of Things - IoT Domotics

I get into the office and I must have slept funny because my back hurts! But that’s okay, because my smart chair will help my posture during the day. As I sit for hours, it can also help my pain with mild heating pads that soothe. It’s 80% ergonomically configured to my body type and comfort preferences! It’s like working in an upright bed.

My phone alert goes off; my house protect app has detected a water leak and potential pipe burst and water damage calculation. Lucky I’ve seen it and can act now to prevent a mega mess and huge bill! Options on my screen are:

A) shutdown water in the house via main water main.
B) order and book nearest plumber in the area to quote and fix based on alert specs, house access can be granted via secure booking code and temporary key.
C) order in new pipe to replace leaking one and delivery organised in the same day

Hmmm, I might go for option A until I get to assess it myself. I select and my phone sends a signal to my house panel to shut down the water main until further notice. Crises averted!

Let’s stop right there and bring it back to the present 2015! How awesomely convenient has your work morning become in the future? How many traditional businesses and processes have become different in the future? Honestly, if that level of convenience were available to you as a consumer right now, you would probably use all the smart, connected devices that are available within your budget. It buys you more time to do what you want, which is more disposable time for fun, family and freedom.

The opportunity for businesses to innovate with technology and the Internet, for the sake of streamlining and convenience for the ever needy consumer, has never been bolder. The IOT is where the future is heading and although it’s overwhelming and scary, it’s totally cool!

On another note, is the IOT something to be excited or wary of? Is it good or bad? Like everything in this world, it depends on the intent behind it and how it is used. Not everything is black and white, there are grey areas everywhere. Is IOT relevant to your business? Undeniably, in future!

The future of the IOT all has to do with taking advantage of what Google calls Micro-Moments, which means connecting with people who make in-the-moment decisions to utilise your products or services. Will you be there in front of your customer when it counts? Speak with the team at SponsoredLinX on 1300 859 600 to learn how we can help get you there.