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Remarketing – Taking a Second Bite of the Pie

We all know that sales is the life blood of any business and today I’m going to reveal a powerful adwords strategy to get more customers spending money with you instead of your competition!

It’s calling remarketing. Remarketing gives AdWords advertisers the opportunity to follow visitors across the display network who have visited your website but haven’t turned into a lead or sale. It helps you re-engage with your potential customers and bring them back to your website to do business with you!

You’ve probably been targeted with remarketing on the internet before. You visit a website and after you leave without making purchase, their brand continues t o appear on major website like, youtube, gmail, news sites, content sites, forums, blogs etc.

How does it work?

Advertisers are able to create audience lists by placing remarketing code on their website pages.  This code places a cookie on the browser of the non-converting visitor adding them to the ‘audience list’.  You can set the cookie expiry for up to 547 days (1.5 years).

Think, of the many reasons why a potential customer does NOT buy from you on their first visit to your site? Perhaps, they weren’t in the buying cycle yet, the price wasn’t right, concerns about shipping, etc.

Remarketing works remarkably well with discounts, incentives, and all kinds of specials.

Without remarketing you have paid for targeted website visitors with a majority of them never to be seen again!

Now you have the opportunity to entice preferably with an irresistible offer and them back onto your website to spend money with you instead of your competition.

If you’re interested to increasing the sales to your business through remarketing then contact your SponsoredLinX AdWords Specialist today to discuss how remarketing may benefit your business.