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Selecting Keywords

Building an effective AdWords campaign relies so heavily on your choice of keywords. When you are selecting your keywords take some advice from Generation Y and…




Try not to over complicate your service or product and before adding a single keyword to your campaign think about your own Google searches.  You’re not that much of an individual and odds are that most people will search things the same way you do.

If you are service based consider keywords about the service you provide followed by the suburbs you provide that service to. If you don’t service a particular suburb, than do not include that suburb in your keywords.

When you’re looking for an electrician even if you like to ask Google questions and type in, “Electricians that services Yeronga on Brisbane’s Southside,”

the key parts of the phrase will still trigger a keyword like “Electrician Yeronga”. SIMPLE

If you sell lemonade in Yarra Valley do not have the keywords “Lemonade” & “Yarra Valley” on their own as you will get people searching for how to make lemonade along with every other irrelevant search. The same goes for “Yarra Valley” which will bring in people simply researching the Yarra Valley as a destination.

What you would type is “Lemonade Yarra Valley”. SMART

Be specific with your keywords even if they are niche. If your highest selling product is a 1950’s inspired digital kitchen clock with a red face then there is no point having grandfather clock as a keyword. Unless you can afford to spend money on people browsing for any old clock keep your keywords specific to exactly what you do have.

What you would type is “50’s Digital Kitchen Clock”. SPECIFIC

So Think about what your customers are searching for in order to make yourself visible. At SponsoredLinX we observe campaigns all the time with poor quality keywords and we see the same businesses up-in-arms about poor an ROI they achieve from PPC advertising. After working with these businesses and implementing these principle we completely change their attitudes! So for Adwords success remember to KISSS all your keywords.