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Google Analytics & AdWords Conversion Tracking

In online advertising we frequently refer to ‘conversions’. Conversions occur when a click on your Ad directly leads to a valuable interaction on your site. As AdWords professionals, we use conversion coding that can be installed to track purchases, signups, and page views or lead generation.

Correctly identifying these valuable business opportunities and installing conversion tracking, allows Client Managers to target your AdWords campaign towards keywords that make you money, and avoid those that cost you money.

There are many steps in maintaining a successful AdWords campaign, Conversion Tracking is one of many. Another separate program geared towards a similar purpose is Google Analytics. This is a free Google program that enables website owners to analyse the performance of their websites and track this alongside their advertising.

Integrated with AdWords, users can review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions.  It is through this analysis of both campaign and website that can help AdWords users to define a more targeted, cost efficient and performance driven campaign.

While the AdWords conversion code can track the valuable leads that you define, Google Analytics allows conversion tracking in other avenues – you can allocate Goals and Funnels to trace an eCommerce transaction, follow website interaction between pages & identify trends in your visitors browsing tendencies.

Just like AdWords Conversion tracking, Google Analytics can be fully integrated into your AdWords account and pinpoint the specific keywords that lead to interaction, and those that may be wasting money and sending people to the wrong place.

If you do not have Google Analytics installed on your site, speak with your Client Manager for more information.