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Product Extensions

You may or may not be aware of Google’s ad extensions. But one of the addition’s to the ad extensions family is ‘product extensions’. This allows you too display photos/product images in your pay per click text ad. This feature is perfect for ecommerce stores, where you can display images of your product and even prices too!

Theres a number of advantages, one; is an increased click through rate as your customers can see exactly what you are selling, second; is more qualified traffic & thirdly; now that Google is showing conversions in the data columns you can test performance of the ad extensions.

What also makes an advantage is that Google is now showing product extensions in positions higher than 3 (outside shaded box) so this again gives you a competitive advantage.

Some customers know what they are searching for & some customers are researching, so having a visual display of your products can entice customers to make an instant purchase online.

To set-up product extensions you must:

1. Sign in with your adwords account logins at

2. Set-up a Google Merchant Centre account

3. Fill in your business details

4. Once in your Google dashboard merchant centre goto ‘settings’ then ‘adwords’ & put in your AdWords ID number. Now you can link merchant centre too Google adwords.

5. Once the data feed is completed, you than have to upload this through the ‘test data feed’ on your Google Merchant Centre.

6. Once this is done, Google will give you a list of errors (if any). If there are no errors, now your ready to go.

7. To Connect an AdWords campaign to your Merchant Centre account for already established campaigns visit ‘extensions tab’ than ‘product extensions’ & AdWords will automatically list your Google Merchant Centrw account number. Check this is correct before saving and once saved Google can take upto 24hrs to show product extensions and your business can start leverage these to get more attention in the search results!