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Australian Geo-targeting

One of the biggest challenges for Australian AdWords advertises is narrow geo-targeting. Australia’s Internet infrastructure quality of service is a far cry from the quality of service experienced in the United States. Given that all Google products are developed and based in the United States, it’s important to remember that some features of AdWords may not be compatible with our nation’s current telecommunication system.

When we narrow our scope of targeting outside metropolitan areas to small radiuses or rural/regional suburbs, we diminish Google’s ability immensely to target search traffic. In the United States, Internet exchanges can be found on almost every single street. Individual IP addresses assigned to all Internet devices are capable of being geo-targeted very closely to the physical location of the device. In rural and regional Australia, it is rare to find an Internet exchange that services a small suburb independently.

This means that if we limit our campaigns to only geo-target a particular section of an area which an exchange services, we may find that our keywords return a Low Search Volume status, stalling our campaign growth and development. Our Internet Marketing Specialists are well experienced with countering the challenges of our national telecommunication infrastructure and build solid campaigns that competently target small physical locations. They provide paramount advice to our clients on geo-targeting personalised to each individual business and industry.