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No Conversion Tracking? What’s The Point

Why do we use Google AdWords? How can we test and measure results? How do I determine my return on investment?

If you’re asking yourself these questions then you clearly haven’t installed conversion tracking. If you were to ask any of our Internet Marketing Specialists what the single most paramount component of AdWords is, they would all nominate conversion tracking. We’ve mentioned conversion tracking for a long time on this blog, but we simply cannot understate how fundamental it is in doing our day-to-day jobs and conducting analysis on accounts prior to optimising.

In jargon, every time a search user clicks on an advertisement, Google installs a piece of computer code called a cookie onto that user’s hard drive. If that user follows through to the page where the conversion tracking is installed, that cookie is activated and registers a conversion based on the original keyword that directed the user to your website.

This means that we must strategically place that conversion code on a webpage that is clearly only for traffic that have made an enquiry or purchase. It’s usually the “thank you for enquiring” page or the “payment successful” page for e-commerce sites.

Our Internet Marketing Specialists analyse this vital conversion data in order to determine which keywords are the most lucrative and successful and actively optimise those whilst simultaneously marginalising those keywords that are running at a poor performance rate.

Conversion tracking means that we can track the cost of each conversion, which keywords are the most lucrative and most importantly, how successful the campaign has been overall. It allows us to make decisions on the long-term strategy of a campaign and build momentum to creating greater return on investment for your business.

If you’re not a client, book in a health check today with our consultants and find out in person how important conversion tracking is to your campaign and your business.