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Micro-Moments Explained

It was the buzz-word of 2015 and paints the scene of the new battleground for businesses everywhere; Micro-Moments. Google coined the term in early 2015 and its impact is something digital marketing agencies and businesses are still getting their heads around. Google could not have been closer to describing those moments in time that urge
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Understanding Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google’s index, which is similar to that of a library, would take four millennia to watch. Let that sink in for a moment. Sure, it means Google can use the data to provide users with the right results when someone enters a search term, but it also goes a long way to predicting what type
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SponsoredLinX: 2015 Google Partners All-Star

Google has never intended to become a conventional company, as Alphabet CEO Larry Page is known for famously saying. With no other company around the world quite like Google, we’d say they’re doing very well in sticking to their guns. The basis of what they do hasn’t changed – to find for you whatever it
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PR Fail of the Year? #coalisamazing

As an online marketing agency, we are always keeping an eye out for marketing campaigns which work, and the ones that don’t. Without a doubt there have been some fantastic marketing campaigns so far this year (and the year isn’t over yet) but we have also witnessed some real blunders. More recently, and perhaps in
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Story-selling with Facebook

Let’s face it, in business it’s never about you; it’s all about your customer. This isn’t easy with the struggles of feeling burnt out, alone and from wearing ‘too many hats’. The truth is though that customers aren’t interested in you or your story, so you need to think of a different way to get
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The Answer to Small Business Growth

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and with small business now deemed ‘the new black’ there are more pathways than ever before for businesses to prosper and grow. In fact, Deloitte Access Economics reported that businesses, “with high digital engagement enjoy better business outcomes, with a $350,000 or 20% increase in annual revenue”.
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Say Hello to Google’s Buy Now Button

In a move that really isn’t all that surprising, Google will soon be introducing a ‘Buy Now’ button for Product Listing Ads on mobile devices. With mobile search now outweighing search on desktops, it only makes sense for Google to expand in the direction. We take a look at the five Ws to see what’s
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The Online Dominion of Facebook

You may recall a blog we posted back in March this year about Facebook’s impending saturation of the internet, and after recent news, it appears the digital giant is attempting to produce and implement any new feature it can, to stop that point in time from ever arriving. Over the past couple of days, Facebook
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Local Businesses Win with Mobile Responsive Websites

We all know that websites now must be mobile responsive if the owners of these websites want these sites to rank organically via Google search. However, just because Google have implemented a new algorithm, is this enough of a reason to change your website? The real question needs to be, ‘How important is mobile search
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Google April 21st Update – The News You Need to Know PART III

The recent update will mean that Google is now displaying apps in search results for all mobile devices and will be able to crawl these apps in more detail than ever before. It means the amount of information Google can extract from these apps will equal greater relevant results for users. Google released some information in a recent
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