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How To Create a Micro-Moments Map

What we used to think when we thought of Google as a company is no longer. You will have heard of Alphabet, the new name for the parent company of Google and all of its previous divisions such as Nest, Google Ventures, X-Labs, and Calico. Each division now has its own CEO whom report to Alphabet CEO Larry Page and President Sergey Brin. So why has such a move taken place? Well, it allows the original Google founders, now CEO and President of Alphabet, more time to focus on the ambitious future science projects they are so passionate about. It’s heavily focused on what Alphabet can achieve for the future of our digital economy, rather than being dragged down with what can be seen as the tedious management side of things.

Each company can now be seen as a separate entity, which enables them to create their own voice and goals and hopefully, innovations which can change the world for the better. As one of the top employers of choice, this move makes Alphabet and its family of brands an even more desirable place for people to work because of more opportunities for progression within each division. Overall, so long as each division can see this as an opportunity to co-operate and not compete, the move for Google to become Alphabet is destined for success.

But does Alphabet matter to you? In some ways no, but in many ways, yes. Previously, with all of the above divisions coming in under the Google name, Google’s main objective had become somewhat diluted. Now, Google can get back to what they do best; Search. It also means more time developing products and services which will help business owners to better use online marketing for their business goals. Google can now get back to solely focusing on the user, and that means you! In terms of lessons which can be learnt from the restructure, there are several. For example, when starting up your new business, ensure your domain name works alongside your brand name, and always think of an alternative domain name too!

Now that Google is a bit smaller than what it was previously after letting go of all of its divisions, under the new direction of Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, the vital information around using the influence and power of mobile data has come in the form of ‘Micro-Moments’. In my previous Optimise Webinar blog post you will remember me going into a great amount of detail as to what types of Micro-Moments there are and I set the scene for how your business can plan for them.   

There are several steps you can take to strategise your plan of attack. The best trick you can utilise is through developing a ‘Micro-Moments’ map. For each product/service you sell, think about the multiple scenarios someone might find themselves in for which would make them turn to your business for a solution or information. From here, you can map out a Micro-Moments map which will inform you of these scenarios. You must ensure your completely understand your customers’ needs to properly map this out. If it helps, use context to help you better understand their needs. You’re next step is to take your Micro-Moments map to an online marketing specialist, who can then devise an integrated marketing strategy to help you leverage these moments.

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We mention that word a lot these days; ‘leverage’. If anything, Micro-Moments is about making the most of a space in time, so taking this into account, don’t let all your hard work and planning go to waste. This means optimising all of your marketing efforts across a customer’s journey, and then tracking and measuring it all too. This is where Cross-Device Tracking plays its major role. This is when a customer journey is tracked across multiple devices, across multiple online sessions, to measure how a conversion, or no conversion, comes to pass. Continuously evaluating the impact of your online marketing with your target audience will help you to make better decisions about your future online marketing strategy. If you aren’t measuring your Return on Investment, and can you know that all your marketing efforts are paying off?!

According to Google, research shows that, “90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal”. Whether you are a bricks-and-mortar business, or operate entirely online, this statistic is big news for you! So long as you have an online presence, you have an opportunity for customers to find you, but, if your website is also optimised for mobile devices, and if your marketing is tailored to mobile and desktop search, your chances of being found are greater than those business which are not.

Australian business owners are not going to be the only ones who have to adapt to keep up with the digital economy. Here at SponsoredLinX we are going to as well as we ensure we continue to be the top choice for business owners to look after their online marketing. Google is the world leader and powerhouse when it comes to digital and online innovations, and being a Google Partner not only gives our clients peace of mind, but it also means we are at the forefront of the latest resources and information available. We can gain a better understanding of what advancements and innovations Google is making to its suite of products, which we can then pass on to our clients to make sure they are well equipped to tackle their target markets. The next 12 months are sure to be full of changes and equally just as exciting, so make sure you’re prepped and ready to make the most of it when it counts! To make sure you are, then register today for our ‘From Googleplex to Brisbane – Marketing Insights for Your Business’ Optimise Webinar before places fill up! I’ll be talking you through all of the insights I was privy to at the recent Google Partner All-Stars conference in San Francisco to get you ready for future digital trends. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 28th October at 10:30 am AEST. I hope you can join me.