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Website vs. Bricks and Mortar Stores

As a business owner, regardless of industry or targeted client base, anyone would agree on the benefits of having a physical shop front or office. If this shop front is well staffed, well maintained and in a good location, then clearly foot traffic will come into the store, giving your staff the opportunity to make sales and/or generate leads. The better the location, the greater the volume of foot traffic. The better your staff, the more sales and leads (not to mention the quality of these) will be achieved. All fairly simple stuff isn’t it?

What Is A Result In SEO Terms? Part 5 – Maintenance

An unfortunately common misconception amongst those who engage in SEO is that it is not an ongoing concern. Too many people think that once you rank, you rank. This is simply not the case.

Is Your Website A Minimum Wage Cashier?

We all know that generating leads is one of the most important parts of running a business. You could have the a fantastic idea and a fantastic product, but if your customers cannot get in contact to be able to enquire about your product or service then you haven’t got much. This simple interaction is
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A Match Made In Conversion-Boosting Heaven!

Our brand new sister company ConvertoPages was born out of a need for brilliant landing pages to work alongside AdWords Campaigns in order to maximise conversions and offer landing pages which are incredibly easy to edit to your preferences as you go. Here’s a little rundown of why they work so well.

Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 5 – Mobile Optimisation

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (provided you’ve read the previous 4 parts of this blog series): USER EXPERIENCE. It is the primary driving force behind everything Google expects from a website and Genuine Relevance Gets Results (GRGR).

Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 4 – Website Navigation

So far in this SEO blog series you will have noticed a common theme: user experience. When writing content, encouraging links to grow your link profile or entering the world of Google+, if you keep that in mind and apply it to everything you do it will be hard to steer yourself wrong. But despite
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How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

This week we wanted to give you a quick insider tip on how to maximise your conversions, and we’ll give you two simple ideas to get you started:

Microsoft Attempts To Seize Smartphone Market

Microsoft has updated its corporate branding for the first time in twenty five years, signalling a revamp of its entire marketing structure as it gears up for a series of big product launches.

Why you need quality SEO content on your website

Have you ever clicked on a search result and ended up on a page full of text that “wasn’t quite right”? Whether it was spelling mistakes, messy grammar, or paragraphs of random text that just didn’t make sense, this was likely cut-rate SEO content (text content with keyword density which is designed to help you
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The best and the worst CMS Systems

Most websites today are built around a CMS system. There are 2 major advantages for having your website built on one: 1)     Non-technical users can update content and edit the website 2)     Development and management of the website can become much easier If you are interested in either of these benefits, then choosing the right
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