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Is your Website Ready for Google Shopping (Part II)

It’s quickly approaching and to herald the arrival of our Optimise Webinar E-commerce series our final blog takes a look at part II of what your website needs to be ready for Google Shopping. We’ve covered a lot of the gritty details, but, there is more you need to consider before you can be happy
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Part I: Is your website ready for Google Shopping?

If you look back to Christmas 2014 (which feels like it was only yesterday and at the same time a lifetime past) did you purchase any of your Christmas gifts online? You aren’t alone if you did; many people shop online for the convenience; they don’t have to make the dreaded trip to the crowded
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Design Coronation

2014 marked the coronation of content as king, and it was a very popular appointment. Brands were quick to take advantage of multiple digital platforms to deliver their message to audiences across the world. Fast forward 12 months and the internet is now flooded with millions of brand messages. In fact it is estimated that
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Google Quality Guidelines

How to Become Popular with Google Following Google’s Quality Guidelines can mean the difference between finding your site organically ranking on the 1st page, or not. If not it can mean to a vast majority of website users that your site doesn’t even exist – eek! Obviously it’s very important to have a website which
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The Online Advantage

Small Business Growth Slows Due to Lack of Online Presence Earlier in November this year, I wrote a blog titled, ‘Cementing Your Business in the Digital World’, and I discussed that given today’s advancements in technology and online communication, every single Australian SME should be online, whether your business is B2B or B2C, or if
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Cementing your Business in the Digital World

You would think by now, that in a digital age where toddlers grow up using Tablets and, being constantly connected, with everyone, all the time, would equal a digital presence from every business out there. The surprising and startling fact is that there are a large quantity of businesses which do not have an online existence at all, perhaps apart from their online listing in the yellow pages. If you’re reading this blog, I sincerely hope you are not one of them, but I’m positive there are actions you could be taking to cement your place in the digital world; am I right?

One area of concern in particular is that of Retail, and especially in the lead up to holiday season, are the number of businesses which solely rely on their bricks and mortar shopfronts. Regardless of whether your retail business does or doesn’t offer an online sales and transaction tool (which it should by the way) your online presence as a business is still crucial for the customer walking in through the front doors. You’ll see why in a minute.

The Sponno Guide for Ranking Higher on Google.

Over the past decade or so, SEO has become increasingly more important. Due to technical advancements with regards to devices like smartphones and tablets, the reach of internet browsing has dramatically extended. This has meant that search engine companies like Google have had to continually improve their algorithms for their search function more frequently, in order to ensure that users can easily access information on these devices. This has also had the effect on making the realm of SEO (natural search) more and more complex and, of course, increases the level of competition as serious marketers fight for optimal visibility on the first page.

Online Offense

A General in the trenches, cut off from his sources of intelligence and reconnaissance, is in the same predicament as the grunt soldier, a grueling and grinding psychological torment with no assurance of victory and a likelihood of defeat. A General with full scope of the battlefield, a spy plane gathering intel on enemy position in relation to his own troops and a strategy to identify weaknesses and strengths, once again in relation to his own troops, is a General about to win the war.

4 WordPress Plug-ins for Basic SEO Productivity

In this day and age SEO is no longer just about getting on the 1st page of Google. Unless it is a navigational search query you want to make sure that your campaign is performing at optimum level as you will be competing with nine other search results. This is why it is so important to implement basic SEO practices and efficiently manage them to rank well and attract relevant clicks. Here are some SEO tools that I thoroughly recommend to improve the productivity on your WordPress site.

Kick More Goals with Convertopages

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing which means my life has been taken over by FIFA Updates; 2AM matches and statistical analyses of the coaches and teams. I pay so much attention, that it almost seems like my research would have some sort of impact on the outcome of the games, of course, that’s not how it works. The other side of my life is search and for this reason I couldn’t help but draw a few similarities between the two areas.