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The Online Advantage

Small Business Growth Slows Due to Lack of Online Presence

Earlier in November this year, I wrote a blog titled, ‘Cementing Your Business in the Digital World’, and I discussed that given today’s advancements in technology and online communication, every single Australian SME should be online, whether your business is B2B or B2C, or if you’re selling a service/s or product/s. It is a well-known fact that Australian consumers are entranced with the web, and we are increasingly spending more and more time searching its contents. For SMEs that do not have a digital presence, the missed opportunities are countless and are potentially hurting the growth of businesses all over the country.

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s important that we all take the time to pause and reflect on 2014. What worked and, what didn’t? Reflecting on the previous events of the year help to ascertain what goals we should be setting and focusing on for what is to come. A little bit of research and homework will also help your cause and, we have some interesting statistics for you. In an article from the Business Insider it was reported that, “Australians spent a record $16.2 billion online in the year to October 2014, up 11.9% on the previous year” (Pash, 2014).

Our desire to increasingly use the internet to research, connect and communicate is continuing to grow and grow. It’s even spanning over to wearable devices and technology. It’s no longer convenient enough be able to have access to mobile internet devices at work and at home. We need it with us 24/7, and Australian SMEs must take note or risk being swept under the rug. Paul Greenberg, as quoted in an article from Smart Company says, “that device in customer’s hands that does everything for them. It’s important. Invest in mobile technology and connect with them at any time of the day” (Bendall, 2014).

As an SME being mobile responsive means having a mobile responsive website… actually, before that, it simply means having a website. Many Australian business owners are wary of embracing technology. We’re certainly not living in the dark ages, but we only feel safe to pay money for techniques which have been tried and tested, successfully. Fortunately there is a solution.

As a result of the overwhelming evidence that SMEs across Australia are simply not embracing the fact they need a digital presence, we wondered how we could make it easier for them. As a result, SponsoredLinX has an innovative new product to share in collaboration with Convertopages – the release of Convertopages 2.0.

Convertopages 2.0 is a world-class and Australian made platform which has been specifically developed to allow businesses to convert enquiries, using results proven optimised conversion websites. Purchase of a Convertopage 2.0 service offers businesses instant access to a complete set of tools required to succeed in the online arena. With the inclusion of features such as live conversion rates and statistics, a user-friendly page manager which allows you to easily watch over several landing pages and, free feature updates, the product really does speak for itself.

I encourage you to contact SponsoredLinX today to learn more about what Convertopages 2.0 could do for your business. Convertopages 2.0 is exclusively available only through SponsoredLinX , so visit the website today or call us on 1300 859 600.