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Design Coronation

2014 marked the coronation of content as king, and it was a very popular appointment. Brands were quick to take advantage of multiple digital platforms to deliver their message to audiences across the world. Fast forward 12 months and the internet is now flooded with millions of brand messages. In fact it is estimated that we are now exposed to approximately 247 brand images every day.

The sheer volume of content we are exposed to on a daily basis coupled with the need for instantaneous gratification (born out of the use of smartphones and other digital devices) has led to many audiences becoming desensitised when it comes to brand’s messages. Grabbing a consumer’s attention is no longer about simply delivering the right message; it’s about the way it is displayed too. The increase in video popularity and their ability to increase landing page conversions by 80% is just one example of the power of imagery. Visuals express ideas quickly and this breaks through the overwhelming clutter of online content.

A lot of bigger brands are reacting to this change in consumer behaviour and quickly identifying the need for investment in graphic design to improve their online presence and boost brand engagement. Business owners are fast recognising that good design has the power to make their message stick with audiences and inspire them to act. Its ability to engage, delight and stimulate their target audience in seconds has seen a rise in the number of graphic design agencies servicing the digital space. It would appear design business is booming online.

For smaller businesses, the high fees that professional design agencies attract are often out of reach but there are low-cost options available and they should be taken advantage of, as good design can now be thing that sets you apart from your competitor. Consumers are becoming a lot more design savvy; they have higher expectation when it comes to a brand experience and require businesses to deliver against their increasing expectations regardless of their size.

A few things to consider when evaluating the design/visual content of your web presence and social media are:

Clear & Considered logo – Your logo plays a key role in the perception of your brand. Utilising a positive, attractive design helps to strengthen your brand, gain consumer trust. Does your logo illustrate the personality and function of your company?

Consistent branding – Make sure that the branding and graphic images that you use are consistent across all of your platforms including your website and social media. When an image is seen consistently, consumers may view it several times over, improving brand recognition.

Make use of infographics, photography and illustration – A well-designed infographic or illustration can often engage consumers enough to re-post on their own social media pages – dramatically extending the reach of your message by initiating a viral campaign with unlimited marketing potential.

Image size & best practice – While your images should be big and bold enough for easy-viewing, it is important to be wary of file size. Images should not take long to load if they are to have the desired impact. Consumers don’t have the time or patience to wait for slow loading images and will quickly backtrack from your site if they are kept waiting too long.

As with all things online – things move fast and the rise of design will be no exception. I highly recommend businesses take a moment now to evaluate the visual aspects of their online presence. Slowly but surely business owners are recognising that design is the queen to the contents king – don’t wait for the coronation – get ahead of the competition and start ruling your industry now.

If you would like help evaluating your branding or online design feel free to give the team at SponsoredLinX call on 1300 850 600.