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Kick More Goals with Convertopages

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing which means my life has been taken over by FIFA Updates; 2AM matches and statistical analyses of the coaches and teams. I pay so much attention, that it almost seems like my research would have some sort of impact on the outcome of the games, of course, that’s not how it works. The other side of my life is search and for this reason I couldn’t help but draw a few similarities between the two areas.

A good coach, like a good business owner, has the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every single player in their team. The great coaches of the world carefully analyse the competition and make appropriate changes to their squad and tactics to exploit opportunities. Their wins are not left strictly to chance and instead are calculated and earned. A coach will investigate, analyse and study the main factors that drive their players both on and off the field. They will understand how each player performs under pressure, in defence and attack, under specific scenarios and even identify the potential of their players before the players could see it in themselves.

Weighing up the opportunity cost invested into each player to reach their fullest potential is a tedious task and hard to gauge. Some factors can be more easily measured. It is important that all previous injuries, errors, assists and goals scored are put under the magnifying glass to gain a clear picture of not only an individual’s rating but also the team. Once mapped out, and with an overall plan devised, it’s up to the coaching staff to optimise their players’ performance to achieve their best.

Businesses are no different. If a manager does not have a plan – they plan to lose. If a manager does not have real time statistics, an ultimate goal, KPI’s to bridge the two together and phases of optimisation set to move forward, their business will stagnate and room at the top will be made for businesses that are willing to invest more time and effort into their groundwork to take home the win.

It’s no secret that Adwords is a great medium for most businesses to advertise. There are not many services that deliver such exposure to specifically targeted areas. There are even fewer services that can give you a break down Via Analytics and Dashboards of each and every statistic of your advertising campaign.

Giving a value to each and every factor enables companies to forecast, optimise and strategize much more efficiently with very little speculation. It is a much more simple playing field as we are able to discover many key unknowns:

  • How much you are spending
  • How many people have seen your ad
  • How many people have clicked your ad
  • How many people have called you, bought from you or submitted a booking as a result.

Optimisation becomes easier as you are able to adjust campaigns to make your budget work more efficiently for you.

Sounds perfect right?
I’m a realist. Sometimes we encounter anomalies. Not everything will work straight away and some campaigns, like many teams, will take time to get to a point where they are working to their potential. But what happens when a campaign is giving us great data yet the conversions are still not coming through?

In my years in the industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand, many battles won and lost at this juncture.
If your campaign reflects qualified traffic – but the website isn’t turning these into goals – we’ve identified a weakness and it’s time to pinpoint this problems at its core.
It could be your site load time, the fact that your website isn’t aesthetically pleasing, not optimised for mobile or tablet devices, doesn’t have contact forms etc. Use analytics, find the answer and CHANGE IT!

Sponsoredlinx introduced Convertopages earlier this year, a solution to some problems identified above. A convertopage is a landing page built to assist with adwords. It is conversion optimised based off of years and years’ worth of previous success. It is a page that helps bridge the gap between qualified traffic, a poor website and much needed conversions.
The main thing to note about a convertopage is that it is designed to coax conversions. It is inbuilt with heat mapping to see how people are actually behaving on your page, which gives us a more clearer idea of how traffic is responding to your website. It’s just like any football team purchasing a top class striker.

If you were after something to even the score and help you hit a few more goals, Convertopages might be the answer. It is the equivalent of having a Rooney, Messi or Ronaldo in your starting lineup. A nice little leg up to assist any business that is online.

Thanks for reading!