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How to approach SEO now that Penguin 2.0 is out in force

In late May Google released their latest major search algorithm update dubbed “Penguin 2.0”. This update is a continuation of Google’s efforts to deliver a better user experience to people searching online. For many businesses it means they need to approach SEO differently if they want to remain competitive online.

Get Ready To Embrace Social Media!

The time for social media is coming and it’s closer than you think. Very soon facebook will be releasing a feature entitled “Graph Search”, which just might revolutionise the way we search!

Google – What are they up to?

There is no doubt that Google has become a household name and the only tool to search online. This dominance & ever expanding leadership has given them amazing strength to be able to stay ahead of the market by continuing to innovate and discover new markets to invest into. Lets take a look at what
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High Court Ruling Protects Google From Trademarked Advertising

The High Court in Canberra has rejected ACCC’s attempt to hold Google accountable for its advertisers bidding on competitor’s business names as keywords in an attempt to divert lucrative traffic to their own websites.

Facebook Launches Search Engine To Rival Google

Facebook has escalated its rivalry with Google and launched a new feature, doubling as a search engine for shared content using the vast amount of information available on the world’s largest social network.

A Conflict Of Pinterest?

Rapidly becoming the fastest growing social network in history, Pinterest is a Web 2.0 site dedicated to the sharing of pictures and artwork through the social medium.

IT Criminals Exposed

For those who have received a phone call from Microsoft employees claiming that there’s a virus on your computer, only to realise that the entire incident has been a fraudulent attempt at gaining personal details – it’s all been exposed.

Microsoft Attempts To Seize Smartphone Market

Microsoft has updated its corporate branding for the first time in twenty five years, signalling a revamp of its entire marketing structure as it gears up for a series of big product launches.

The History Of Google Search In 6 Minutes!

Google recently posted this very interesting video on their official blog talking about the past, present and future of their search engine. Some very informative viewing!

Google Instant Preview Tool: Changing the way we view our Search Engine Results

Over time Google has been making steady improvements to their search results, with the goal to make selecting a good and relevant website easier for Google users. Google is now using more image based snapshots in the search results; this feature is known as Google Instant Preview. In November 2010, Google introduced Google Instant Preview.
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