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Paid & Organic Traffic report now available in AdWords!

This is an exciting new feature which gives you insight into how paid search is performing alongside organic traffic.
– The new report allows you to discover additional keywords by looking for queries where you only appear in organic search with no associated ads.
– If you make website improvements or AdWords changes you can use the report to see how these changes have made an impact across paid, organic & combined traffic
– If you have high value queries for organic results you can use the report to improve your presence in paid results.
Google announced the new tool last Thursday which is located under the dimensions tab & then ‘Paid & Organic’.
To get started, you’ll need to link your AdWords account to a Webmaster Tools account. Linking requires you to be a verified owner of your site in Webmaster Tools or to be granted access by a verified owner.
Visit ‘linked accounts’ section in your AdWords account under ‘my account tab’ to link webmaster.