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Balance is Key! Organic & Paid Content on Facebook

You may well have heard the rumours that organic postings on Facebook (in other words content which is published for free) is on the decline. Yes, the rumours are true, but as we have discovered, there are some pretty valid reasons for this, and paid advertising on Facebook can really help your Facebook Return on Investment to
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Long Live the Video Content King!

You could be forgiven for thinking that with the enormous jump in popularity of visual content that you now need to be a mini-blockbuster producer on top of a business owner. Umm… yeah, right! The truth of the matter is that users on social media are engaging with visual content in all of its forms,
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The Online Dominion of Facebook

You may recall a blog we posted back in March this year about Facebook’s impending saturation of the internet, and after recent news, it appears the digital giant is attempting to produce and implement any new feature it can, to stop that point in time from ever arriving. Over the past couple of days, Facebook
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Tips to Help You Retain your Social Media Audience

If you’re an SME owner, chances are that you run a social media account under your business name on at least one social media platform. Your decision to choose these particular platforms may have come down to a few reasons such as; it may be one you have used personally and you are therefore familiar
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The Fall of Organic Facebook Reach

The decline in organic reach on social media platforms is not due to the fact that the algorithms are changing, but because more businesses are opting to use paid advertising, which must in turn decrease the amount of organic traffic and reach. If you think about it, if the above wasn’t the case, what would
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Facebook is Moving Beyond the Online Saturation Point

Saturation point – it’s a term that many business owners never want to hear, particularly if growth is still a large part of the business plan, but it’s a stark reality for some of the world’s largest digital corporations like Facebook and Google. They’re aware of it too. Ever wondered why the likes of Google
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Learn from the Best Social Media Accounts in the World of Sport.

Social media use during live sporting events is increasingly becoming a stand-alone drawcard. In relation to two recent sporting events, the Australian Open and the Super Bowl – their social media accounts are some of the best in the world. We take a look at some of the techniques they use and how you can
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Facebook at Work?

Some say it adds to company culture. Others say it’s a distraction and waste of time and resources. What we can all agree on is that internal communications is a vital way of distributing vital information between departments within a business. How effectively and efficiently this is done though can often come down to the
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Facebook Crown of Content

As with any advertisement, you need to consider the structure and content of that ad. It’s important of course because the way in which your desired message is delivered will ultimately decide if the advertisement is successful or not. Facebook Ads are designed under the Facebook Ad Campaign Structure which is made up of: Campaign
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Key to Budgeting is Testing

As with all forms of formal advertising, there is a price tag, and budgeting as such for your marketing goals is exceptionally important if you’re really serious about reaching those goals. Having a goal gives you direction and focus, and while one of your main reasons for being interested in Facebook advertising may be because
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