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Learn from the Best Social Media Accounts in the World of Sport.

Social media use during live sporting events is increasingly becoming a stand-alone drawcard. In relation to two recent sporting events, the Australian Open and the Super Bowl – their social media accounts are some of the best in the world. We take a look at some of the techniques they use and how you can
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Facebook at Work?

Some say it adds to company culture. Others say it’s a distraction and waste of time and resources. What we can all agree on is that internal communications is a vital way of distributing vital information between departments within a business. How effectively and efficiently this is done though can often come down to the
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Facebook Crown of Content

As with any advertisement, you need to consider the structure and content of that ad. It’s important of course because the way in which your desired message is delivered will ultimately decide if the advertisement is successful or not. Facebook Ads are designed under the Facebook Ad Campaign Structure which is made up of: Campaign
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Key to Budgeting is Testing

As with all forms of formal advertising, there is a price tag, and budgeting as such for your marketing goals is exceptionally important if you’re really serious about reaching those goals. Having a goal gives you direction and focus, and while one of your main reasons for being interested in Facebook advertising may be because
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – Like Farming VS Like Building

As you have scrolled through your Facebook feed, you’ll be familiar with the posts you have been subjected to because friends or families have chosen to ‘share’ or ‘like’ a particular Facebook page. Does ‘1 like = 1 prayer’ ring any bells? Now we all know and understand that 1 like does not equal 1
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Plan of Attack

Everyone has a social media platform they prefer, but statistics and research shows that Facebook is the dominate channel. Most people within your business and social circles will have a Facebook profile. Some people have more than just one, particularly if they own a SME. Managing a Facebook Business profile is vastly different to managing
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Content Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

A recent study by Google found that over 65% of people turn to the Internet to answer questions and concerns about their health. Surprisingly this figure is much higher than those who actually consulted their physician at only 53%. These numbers demonstrate that there is a huge opportunity for practitioners to establish a relationship with prospective patients online – aiding confidence in the path to conversion.

Weekly Round Up: This Week in Australian Business

Weekly round up of the Australian business news.

Businesses to ‘Like’ on Facebook

If you would like to research particular businesses that are using social media effectively before you start implementing your own business’s social media campaign. Then you should probably check out and ‘like’ these companies on Facebook.