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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – Like Farming VS Like Building

As you have scrolled through your Facebook feed, you’ll be familiar with the posts you have been subjected to because friends or families have chosen to ‘share’ or ‘like’ a particular Facebook page. Does ‘1 like = 1 prayer’ ring any bells? Now we all know and understand that 1 like does not equal 1
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Plan of Attack

Everyone has a social media platform they prefer, but statistics and research shows that Facebook is the dominate channel. Most people within your business and social circles will have a Facebook profile. Some people have more than just one, particularly if they own a SME. Managing a Facebook Business profile is vastly different to managing
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Content Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

A recent study by Google found that over 65% of people turn to the Internet to answer questions and concerns about their health. Surprisingly this figure is much higher than those who actually consulted their physician at only 53%. These numbers demonstrate that there is a huge opportunity for practitioners to establish a relationship with prospective patients online – aiding confidence in the path to conversion.

Weekly Round Up: This Week in Australian Business

Weekly round up of the Australian business news.

Businesses to ‘Like’ on Facebook

If you would like to research particular businesses that are using social media effectively before you start implementing your own business’s social media campaign. Then you should probably check out and ‘like’ these companies on Facebook.

A Social Media Faux Pas That Both Big and Small Businesses Make

Social Media can be a harsh mistress at times. Quite often this seems increasing true for small businesses who don’t have the time or money to employ someone to look after your company’s social media accounts full time.

Weekly Round Up: This Week in Australian Business

There were heartbreaking scenes in The Netherlands, Thursday night as a cargo plane arrived carrying the bodies of MH17 victims, which were then loaded into a convoy of hearses and driven to a forensics facility for identification.

Google’s First Social Media Foray to Shut Down

As of September 30th, Google will shut down its first social-networking service, Orkut, which was launched in 2004 the same year that Facebook, which is the most popular social media platform in the world was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

How to stand out of the social media crowd

Tips on how to approach social media differently in order to be noticed