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Boost Your Productivity with Facebook

As online marketing continues to change, so do the online giants we use on a daily basis. Yes, I am talking about the likes of Facebook and Google. Your business’s relationship with these online platforms has never mattered more than now, and it’s only going to increase. The growing synergy between social media platforms such as Facebook, and search engine optimisation (we all know I’m talking about Google search engine marketing (SEM) here), is a relationship your business needs to get in on. In addition to this, with the decline in organic engagement on Facebook, they (Facebook) are making it much easier for you to join paid advertising on the platform, and they’ve got some innovative changes to prove it. Of course though, it’s still all about the user, and the recent updated preferences and control for users with their News Feed is news to you. Why? Because it could change the way you manage your Facebook Business Page.

You might have noticed recently that the Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager platforms look a little different. The more intuitive, logical design and data is now displayed in an easy ‘quick-review’ format. You can now manage and create ads all from the one interface, which makes it easier for you to see which ads are performing, which ones aren’t, and it also allows you to review your targeting en masse. Another addition to Ads Manager is that you can now see the permalink (which is a permanent link to a specific web page such as a blog) in the ad.

Users can now have more control in choosing who they want to see content from in their News Feed. There are three updates in total and they were rolled out in July this year. The three updates include users being able to select which friends and Pages they want to see in their News Feed first (though this is capped at 30), who they want to follow and unfollow, and they’ll also be able to find new Pages based on their Facebook behaviour.

Now altogether let’s say in our best three year old tone, ‘but why’? Well, Facebook ascertained through feedback they have received that users want to see less ‘sales’ and ‘promotional’ posts in their News Feed, and to be honest, we’re not that surprised either. This recent update takes this one step closer to giving users what they want by handing over a certain amount of control as to what they see in their News Feed. It will be interesting to see if they lift the selection of people and Pages you want to see to over 30, but it’s a good starting point. What does this mean for your business? It comes back to an increasing push from Facebook that if you want to advertise your business on the platform, then you need to pay for it, and Facebook are making this an increasingly more attractive option with the myriad of ad formats now available. It is also a big push to business owners to post engaging, original and relevant content to their Pages, because this is what users on the platform want to see. If you follow this as a guide, then people are more likely to choose your Page to follow, or even discover your Page based on their interests and Facebook behaviour, and there really is no better way to find brand loyalists and advocates!



Google algorithms factor in social media signals as an indication of where you should sit in the search rankings. The search engine marketing (SEM) ecosystem is growing and social media factors are increasingly an important factor when it comes to aiding your search engine optimisation (SEO). You may recall previous blogs where we have mentioned this before, but your ultimate SEM goal should be to take up as many organic and paid listings on the first search engine ranking page (SERP) as possible. So that means when a user types in your business name, or a keyword associated with your business name, that your Google AdWords ad shows up, your website shows up, and your social media profile links show up. Due to the fact that the Facebook domain has such a strong ranking signal, if you continually update your Facebook Page with relevant content, then your profile will rank. Yes, it comes back to having an integrated marketing approach, and having an understanding that if you want to seriously pursue a strong online presence for your business, then using all of the different facets that SEM can offer is the way to do it. That means implementing Google AdWords, strategically using SEO, and continuously using Facebook.

With the recent changes to Facebook’s Ads Manager and Power Editor, the updated preferences and greater control for users and what they choose to see in their News Feed, plus the growing connection between social media and SEO signals, there has never been a better moment than now to incorporate an integrated marketing approach to help deliver your business goals. It’s this very reason why we have put together our recent Optimise Webinar, ‘Facebook Revenue Raisers for Your Business’, for which you can register here. On Wednesday 23rd September at 10:30 am AEST, our very own SponsoredLinX Facebook expert, Lachlan Dann, will be presenting just how Facebook and SEO can benefit your bottom line. So visit our website or call us on 1300 859 600 today to learn more.