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The Answer to Small Business Growth

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and with small business now deemed ‘the new black’ there are more pathways than ever before for businesses to prosper and grow. In fact, Deloitte Access Economics reported that businesses, “with high digital engagement enjoy better business outcomes, with a $350,000 or 20% increase in annual revenue”. When it comes to small business, every little bit counts and an effective online marketing plan will help to deliver the results you want.

However far too often we see small businesses not allocating enough of a budget (or no budget at all!) to their online marketing needs because it is either seen as a ‘luxury’ or not viewed as being in line with their business model; both of which are misinformed and costly assumptions. With business budgets being the non-negotiable that they are, and with many still feeling the sting after spending large sums of capital on traditional marketing methods which are nigh impossible to track and analyse, we have the advice you need for a serious business boost.

So in order to properly deliver advice which can actually be turned into actionable items, we need to understand what challenges business owners currently face in the online market. Namely, finding the time to properly invest in digital engagement methods is one obstacle. This stems from a lack of understanding of what a successful online marketing strategy can actually achieve. If business owners can’t see the worth in it, then they will not invest their time and money in it. However, statistics really do show that small business is irrevocably moving towards a digital future, especially in order to keep up with millennial-consumer demands to be constantly connected.

Growth, green, business.

Invest in online marketing and watch your business grow.

Growing revenue is also a constant challenge for small business owners. Couple this with finding the right staff to fit a business and all the while increase profit; running a small business is no easy stroll. The rewards of a successful and profitable small business though far outweigh the challenges people face to get there. So when small business owners have a plan of attack and strategy in place and need the funds to ‘get the ball rolling’, so to speak, it can be seriously disheartening when an application for a bank loan gets knocked back. Banks are notoriously conservative when it comes to supporting small businesses, particularly since the GFC, so it makes sense that small business owners are searching, and sourcing, alternative lending options.

What has this got to do with online marketing? Time and money. If small business owners can source the capital they need to get online, they can then source an online marketing agency to properly take care of their online marketing needs to help them keep up with a society that, more and more, relies on businesses having a strong online presence. The internet has every potential to be your strongest ally, so long as it is given the time and attention it needs to flourish. Paying a marketing agency gives businesses the time they need to service the qualified leads coming in from their online marketing advertising.

In order to find the right agency for you, make sure they (the agency) understand the digital space for small business owners. SponsoredLinX is a leading marketing agency which specialises in online marketing for small to medium businesses, so give SponsoredLinX a call on 1300 859 600 to see what we can do for you and your business growth goals.