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Palaszczuk’s $40 million Fund to Add Fuel to the Fire for the Collaboration Economy

The Queensland Government’s announcement for a $40 million Business Development Fund has set entrepreneur hearts aflutter around the State – mine included! With the Turnball Government recently pushing an innovation wave throughout the hearts and minds of Australians, it seems the Palaszczuk Government has been watching very closely. This flow on effect has suddenly created
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Micro-Moments Explained

It was the buzz-word of 2015 and paints the scene of the new battleground for businesses everywhere; Micro-Moments. Google coined the term in early 2015 and its impact is something digital marketing agencies and businesses are still getting their heads around. Google could not have been closer to describing those moments in time that urge
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Understanding Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google’s index, which is similar to that of a library, would take four millennia to watch. Let that sink in for a moment. Sure, it means Google can use the data to provide users with the right results when someone enters a search term, but it also goes a long way to predicting what type
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How To List to Beat the Content Blues

Boring content is not a reflection on your business; it is a reflection of boring content! Sure, without a doubt, those who own small to medium sized businesses in ‘interesting’ industries, such as tourism, food, travel and culture, they don’t have to fish too much to think of something engaging to write about. These are
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PR Fail of the Year? #coalisamazing

As an online marketing agency, we are always keeping an eye out for marketing campaigns which work, and the ones that don’t. Without a doubt there have been some fantastic marketing campaigns so far this year (and the year isn’t over yet) but we have also witnessed some real blunders. More recently, and perhaps in
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