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PR Fail of the Year? #coalisamazing

As an online marketing agency, we are always keeping an eye out for marketing campaigns which work, and the ones that don’t. Without a doubt there have been some fantastic marketing campaigns so far this year (and the year isn’t over yet) but we have also witnessed some real blunders. More recently, and perhaps in contention for PR fail of the year, is the Minerals Council of Australia with their latest campaign boasting the benefits of coal.

Users on social media have had an absolute field day with it, and in particular, the hashtag #coalisamazing, which given the dry wit of the Australian public, has taken off in a way no one could have predicted.

The original video clip starts off with a close up of what could be mistaken for some out of space landscape in a new science fiction film. The voice over goes on to mention the number of jobs and revenue ‘this little black rock’ creates for the Australian economy. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Minerals Council of Australia had discovered some miraculous energy source given the bravado that accompanies the clip.

Image 1 08.09.15

The backlash has been somewhat predictable with some very funny outcomes. There were always going to be the usual outcries of protest from organisations such as Greenpeace and environmentalists. However, with the hashtag having taken off the way it has, it is clear to see that positive brand association is was supposed to generate has backfired and ultimately, they have lost control of it.

Image 2 08.09.15

Yes, social media has a mind of its own, which is why it is the valuable platform that it is.

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