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Micro-Moments Explained

It was the buzz-word of 2015 and paints the scene of the new battleground for businesses everywhere; Micro-Moments. Google coined the term in early 2015 and its impact is something digital marketing agencies and businesses are still getting their heads around. Google could not have been closer to describing those moments in time that urge us to pick up our device and search for something. Google’s approach in marketing these Micro-Moments to us has showcased several every day scenarios that any user could easily see themselves in, making the relevance of businesses preparing for these Micro-Moments ever more crucial.

If you’re a small business owner, then you’re probably wondering how you can actually prepare for a ‘moment’ which often takes a potential customer on a whim. Google has put together a series of moments which, depending on the type of business you run, which can help you to map out the types of Micro-Moments you can prepare for.

Is-it-worth-it Moments

For many people, referring to their mobile phone while they are in a store so that they can compare a product either in a price comparison or in a review section, the end goal is determining if a product ‘Is-it-worth-it’. Is it worth purchasing? Is it value for money? Will I get my money’s worth? In these moments, businesses with a strong online marketing strategy can develop Google AdWords ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) keywords which respond to these questions.

Show-me-how Moments

Australians are very savvy consumers. They have no issue purchasing a product or service which is out-of-the-box and a little different and innovative. Instructional videos can go a long way in helping people to either make a decision to purchase, because they now have a better understanding of how your product/service works. Then after the purchase, it’s also something they can refer to once the purchase has taken place. Consumers who find themselves in these show-me-how moments are also more likely to refer your business to a friend or family member.  Video content is an easily digestible method for people to absorb information, so making the most of video content will help your business leverage these Micro-Moments.

Time-for-a-new-one Moments

We have all had those products around the house which have suffered from wear and tear. When something breaks, we either look to fix it or replace it. Truth be told, the scope for the types of businesses which can leverage these Moments is huge. From a shoe retailer or shoe repairer, to a homewares retailer, businesses can plan for these time-for-a-new-one Moments. Users will commonly turn to their mobile devices to search for a business which can help them, and utilising Google AdWords is an eye-catching method of capturing these customers.

Didn’t-plan-for-this Moments

Ever had a minor emergency which has totally thrown you off schedule? Of course you have! We all have! They are those I-didn’t-plan-for-this moments which make you want to groan in despair. In looking for a solution, what do you usually turn to? The Internet of course, and likely on the closest device possible. For example, you could wake up with what feels like the beginning of a terrible toothache, so you search for your closest pharmacy in order to purchase something to help keep it at bay until you have time to make an appointment for the dentist. For those who own a business which can offer solutions to these unplanned Moments, the conversion is there for the taking!

THIS IS A WAKE-UP MOMENT message on sidewalk blackboard sign against green grass background. Copy Space available. Concept image

One-step-at-a-time Moments

Not all moments take us on a whim and often, in our quest for information, we plan for changes in our lives online, such as when we a looking for a new home, or looking for ways to finance a business plan. If your business deals with drawn-out, large transactions, you can still utilise the power of the Micro-Moments, and this is largely due to user behaviour on mobile devices. For people who commute to work, or are in transit in an airport, for example, using their mobile device to progress in their one-step-at-a-time search moments can mean the difference between a person choosing your business or your competitor.

Ready-for-a-change Moments

People commonly experience an event in their lives which flicks a switch for them. They will suddenly realise that they are in a ready-for-a-change moment, and they will begin searching for a new career, or job, or new place to live, or maybe it’s even a change within themselves they are committing to. Whatever it is, if you offer a service or product which captures people when they are at a cross-road in their lives, if you can offer the right information in the right format, you will help to influence the decisions of these people.

New-day-new-me Moments

Hands up if after a weekend of over-indulgence, you have half-way through your Monday morning felt tired and sluggish and realised that you just don’t want to feel this way anymore? You have a sudden sweep of motivation and search for running apps for your mobile device, which then leads to a search for new running trainers, which then leads to a search for gyms and personal trainers in your local area. We are always being reminded that ‘health is real wealth’ and if your business is in the health and wellness industry, the potential you have to tap into these Micro-Moments is remarkable! With the array of online marketing methods you can use, capturing users in these new-day-new-me moments has never been better.

I-want-to-talk-to-a-human Moments

If you have ever been faced with an unusual or unique Micro-Moment, you will understand that feeling when searching for an answer, or information, or a solution online and not having any luck in finding what you are searching for. Sometimes, a simple phone conversation cannot be replaced with a digital interaction through a website. In these I-want-to-talk-to-a-human moments, having online marketing features which can aid you in getting your customers to call you can be a huge advantage. From Google AdWords ad-extensions, to Google My Business, to having a logical and easy to navigate website – having your business’s contact details easily accessible will mean you getting in touch with a potential customer over your competitor!

Overall, these moments all have to do with moments where people want to find, buy, learn or do something, and it’s these moments when we make decisions about what to do next. Is your business fully prepared for capturing these Micro-Moments? If you want to learn how to not only plan for these moments, but how to get people to convert in these moments, then you need to register for our October ‘From Googleplax to Brisbane – Marketing Insights for your Business’ Optimise Webinar with SponsoredLinX CEO and Founder Ben Bradshaw, which will launch at AEST at 10:30 am on Wednesday 28th October. We can’t wait for you to join us and we’ll see you there.