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High Court Ruling Protects Google From Trademarked Advertising

The High Court in Canberra has rejected ACCC’s attempt to hold Google accountable for its advertisers bidding on competitor’s business names as keywords in an attempt to divert lucrative traffic to their own websites.

Selecting Keywords

Building an effective AdWords campaign relies so heavily on your choice of keywords. When you are selecting your keywords take some advice from Generation Y and… KEEP IT SIMPLE KEEP IT SMART KEEP IT SPECIFIC

Top Tips For Using The Dimensions Tab

The dimensions tab in AdWords lets you slice up your data by the dimension of your choice over your account, campaigns or AdGroups.

Remarketing – Taking a Second Bite of the Pie

We all know that sales is the life blood of any business and today I’m going to reveal a powerful adwords strategy to get more customers spending money with you instead of your competition!

Keyword Insights

Google’s latest addition to array of tools one can use to assist their Adword’s campaign perform better is the Keyword Auction Insights Report. The new report will allow one to see comparative performance information on other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions as you. It shows the display URL of the advertiser who
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Perception: What Does Your Business Look Like to Your Consumers?

Perception is a very integral part of marketing.  What your customers think about, not just your product but your entire business offering, matters a great deal to your business success. This is even more prevalent in an online market place where there are limited opportunities to build any rapport or establish any kind of relationship
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Why you need quality SEO content on your website

Have you ever clicked on a search result and ended up on a page full of text that “wasn’t quite right”? Whether it was spelling mistakes, messy grammar, or paragraphs of random text that just didn’t make sense, this was likely cut-rate SEO content (text content with keyword density which is designed to help you
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Google SSL Search Encryption Rolls Out….

Several months ago Google made some changes to the default search experience on – when you are signed into a Google account they added SSL encryption to increase the security and privacy of your searches. Yesterday, on they announced that they would be expanding this to all their local domains around the world
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Google – Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Google recently posted an update on the AdSense blog “Making Ads Smart – Adapting Ads to the Device” where they discussed some of the changes they were launching to change the appearance of the ads on certain devices. Google has also had a long time AdSense policy which prohibits “encouraging clicks”.

The Importance of Negative Keywords

During the Google AdWords Health Checks that are run by our internet marketing specialists here at SponsoredLinX, we have began to notice a growing trend in Google AdWords accounts. One of the most alarming trends that has been identified is that the majority of accounts are lacking an extensive negative keyword list. Negative keywords are important because
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