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Some Common Google AdWords Mistakes

Having dealt with so many clients across a board of industries, we have certainly come across the same mistakes time and time again in Google AdWords accounts. Some mistakes are more common than others, but it’s safe to say that there is a lot of misinformation out there as to what you should be doing
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Facebook Advertising Basics

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world, following behind China and India. This is thanks to Facebook boasting more than 400 million users, and it’s still growing. Businesses are now seeing the value in advertising through Facebook as an extremely targetable platform. Though, just like Google AdWords,
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Negative Keywords Explained

Negative keywords are one of the most important aspects of running a successful AdWords campaign. Adding a negative keyword to your Campaign or AdGroup means that your ads won’t appear for search queries where that search term has been used. EG if you use the negative keyword free trial, it means your ad isn’t going
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Selected Ads Will Now Have Longer Headlines

Google is always trialing new ways to optimize performance for Google advertisers and its users; and businesses are always trying to find ways to maximize their ads to get their message across to consumers in an easier and faster way. To help with this, Google is now making changes to certain ads that will allow
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7 Tips for Writing Great AdWords Ad Copy

Writing Good Ad Copy Getting to know your Adwords and how to use it properly is only half the battle, when deciding to go forward with Adwords. There are courses, books, videos and more to advise you on the best way to write our ad copy but my number one rule is to always: appeal
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5 Likely Reasons Your AdWords Ads Aren’t Appearing

You’ve reached your daily budget. This is the number one reason that our clients find that their ads are not showing. Once you reach your allocated budget for the day, your ads will not appear until the next day. If your AdWords campaign is providing a positive return, you should strongly consider increasing your budget
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AdWords & The Importance of Search Query Reports

Many business owners running a Google AdWords campaign find they are getting a large number of clicks to their site, however, are not converting this traffic into sales or enquiries. Whilst there are many factors that could contribute to this, one of the major reasons is that your Google ads may be showing up for
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150+ B2B Negative Keywords

150+ Negative Keywords you haven’t thought of for B2B Google AdWords campaigns.

5 Tips to Advertising Online for Photographers

Online Marketing is difficult at the best of times and being a photographer generally makes it harder! Let’s see, I’m guessing you’re a small business, potentially it’s just you trying to balance the books, go on site, book jobs, assist clients, advertise wisely, save cash and that’s just Mondays! So let’s look at some easy
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New AdWords Match Type

Broad Match Modifier is a new way to match keywords in your AdWords campaign. The purpose of this new match type is to fill the gap between Broad Match, which is under targeted and sometimes matches queries which are not related, and Phrase Match, which his often too precise to match a significant amount of traffic.