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5 Likely Reasons Your AdWords Ads Aren’t Appearing

You’ve reached your daily budget.

This is the number one reason that our clients find that their ads are not showing. Once you reach your allocated budget for the day, your ads will not appear until the next day. If your AdWords campaign is providing a positive return, you should strongly consider increasing your budget to ensure that your ads appear all day.

Daily budget is not high enough to show ads all the time.

This is similar to the first point. If your budget is too low to run ads for the entire day, Google will often reduce the frequency that your ads appear. This is to ensure even ad coverage throughout the day. For example, if your budget allows for 50 clicks per day but Google estimates that there are 500 clicks available, your advertisements will be displayed to roughly 1 out of 10 searchers. Consider increasing your daily budget to ensure that your ads are displayed to a higher percentage of the market.

No prepaid funds in the AdWords account.

It sounds silly, but if you pre-pay funds to your AdWords account, ensure that you keep on top of the balance of your account. It’s often a good idea to keep at least $250 as a buffer in the account, as ad delivery has a tendency to behave strangely when an account has a low balance. This is likely due to Google erring on the side of caution when there’s a risk of delivering more ads than you have funds to pay for!

Low Quality Score (QS) is reducing the frequency that the ads appear.

Google uses a measurement referred to as Quality Score to determine how frequently your ads appear. This score is based off a combination of the performance of your AdWords campaign, and the quality of your website. If your website is deemed to be of low quality by Google, your ads will be shown less frequently so that higher quality websites may be shown more often.

Google doesn’t trust you yet.

If you’ve only recently created your AdWords account, there is often a bit of a delay before Google releases the ad floodgates for your campaigns. As part of ensuring that ads running on Google are relevant and legitimate, Google seems to operate with a bit of an unspoken probationary period, where your ads are shown with less frequency and rank than they eventually will. This generally only lasts a week or so, so if you have a brand new account, the best thing to do is be patient 🙂

If your ads aren’t showing and you can’t figure out why, don’t hesitate to give the Google Advertising Gurus a call at SponsoredLinX on 1300 859 600