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Selected Ads Will Now Have Longer Headlines

Google is always trialing new ways to optimize performance for Google advertisers and its users; and businesses are always trying to find ways to maximize their ads to get their message across to consumers in an easier and faster way. To help with this, Google is now making changes to certain ads that will allow businesses to display more information where it’s most likely to be noticed–in the headline.

The first description line (Description line 1) will now sometimes be moved to the headline of the Ad and separated by a hyphen in Ads where the description line 1 ends in a form of punctuation (period, exclamation point, question mark, or has country-specific punctuation). As a result, some top placement ads will have longer headlines. Here’s an example:



Google is monitoring the results of this test change, and so far they have found that moving the description line into the headline has increased the click-through-rates for these Ads. Also, by having more information highlighted in the Ad, the users experience is improved because the Ads now blend in better with the organic search results.

Only some Ads will be displayed with the longer headline, so to give your Ad a better chance at having this change, ensure that each line of your ad appears to be a distinct sentence and ends in the proper punctuation.