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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – Like Farming VS Like Building

As you have scrolled through your Facebook feed, you’ll be familiar with the posts you have been subjected to because friends or families have chosen to ‘share’ or ‘like’ a particular Facebook page. Does ‘1 like = 1 prayer’ ring any bells? Now we all know and understand that 1 like does not equal 1
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Emotional Branding

For some people, emotional branding may procure thoughts with negative connotations, but what emotional branding means today compared to its inception, equals quite a large difference. If we cast our thoughts back to before the Wall Street crash in 1929, emotional branding was used to convince consumers that what you owned and what you used
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Why You Need Facebook Ads to Rule Your Business World – The Plan of Attack

Everyone has a social media platform they prefer, but statistics and research shows that Facebook is the dominate channel. Most people within your business and social circles will have a Facebook profile. Some people have more than just one, particularly if they own a SME. Managing a Facebook Business profile is vastly different to managing
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You Are Responsible For Your ROI

Accurately measuring your Return on Investment (ROI) is not always easy, and this blog is designed to give you some tips to make this process a little easier. You can’t work towards something, or anything, be it a milestone, a record, without direction, and this couldn’t be more important when assessing your ROI. Understanding and
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Spend big and spend more: it’s Christmas after all

David Hefter, General Manager at SponsoredLinX, delves into the issue of advertising over the Christmas and New Year holiday break and how Australian SMEs should be approaching this time of year.

How are you Telling Your Story?

We all have one goal; we want the attention of consumers. As an end result, this is easy to ascertain, what you need to discern is whether you are worthy of the attention you crave and desire. What do you hope to achieve through creating content to tell your story? What is your goal? Directionless
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Cementing your Business in the Digital World

You would think by now, that in a digital age where toddlers grow up using Tablets and, being constantly connected, with everyone, all the time, would equal a digital presence from every business out there. The surprising and startling fact is that there are a large quantity of businesses which do not have an online existence at all, perhaps apart from their online listing in the yellow pages. If you’re reading this blog, I sincerely hope you are not one of them, but I’m positive there are actions you could be taking to cement your place in the digital world; am I right?

One area of concern in particular is that of Retail, and especially in the lead up to holiday season, are the number of businesses which solely rely on their bricks and mortar shopfronts. Regardless of whether your retail business does or doesn’t offer an online sales and transaction tool (which it should by the way) your online presence as a business is still crucial for the customer walking in through the front doors. You’ll see why in a minute.

Make It Count! Customer Satisfaction = Successful Strategy

Due to the bombardment people are constantly faced with via marketing and advertising, they are less inclined to trust brands. Rather, people will actively seek out reviews and the opinions of others, and will make judgements based on this information. With brands and companies all claiming to be ‘the best’ or ‘just what you’re looking
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The Sponno Guide for Ranking Higher on Google.

Over the past decade or so, SEO has become increasingly more important. Due to technical advancements with regards to devices like smartphones and tablets, the reach of internet browsing has dramatically extended. This has meant that search engine companies like Google have had to continually improve their algorithms for their search function more frequently, in order to ensure that users can easily access information on these devices. This has also had the effect on making the realm of SEO (natural search) more and more complex and, of course, increases the level of competition as serious marketers fight for optimal visibility on the first page.

“I Can’t Find My Ads on Google”

When investing in AdWords many businesses are keen to see if their ads are working. We set up our campaigns and make them live, suitably chuffed with ourselves. We open Google in another tab, type in a keyword breathe deep and hit enter fully expecting to be top of the page with the ad copy we wrote shining like the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Instead we see our competitors and we are enraged!