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Improve your website’s Conversion Rate

Your website is, in a sense, your businesses frontline sales consultant, or at least it should be treated that way. Think about this: when you are talking to a sales consultant, what two things must be true for you to purchase off of them? 1. You trust this sales consultant. The consultant is honest, has
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Keyword length and its effects on your Google AdWords results

The relationship between keyword phrase length and % of traffic share is a relationship that needs to be taken into consideration when running a Google AdWords account. Studies have shown a direct relationship between keyword length and % of traffic share, as seen in this graph:

Google Instant Preview Tool: Changing the way we view our Search Engine Results

Over time Google has been making steady improvements to their search results, with the goal to make selecting a good and relevant website easier for Google users. Google is now using more image based snapshots in the search results; this feature is known as Google Instant Preview. In November 2010, Google introduced Google Instant Preview.
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Top reasons you should be using SEO

With so many options available for attracting more visitors to your website, how do you know which method to use? I guess it depends on where your customers are searching for you. Are they looking on Facebook, Google and Yahoo? One thing everyone knows for sure is that Google is the market leader in Search
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How to choose a good AdWords Management company.

Over the last couple of years there has been a boom in Pay Per Click Advertising (such as Google AdWords). This boom has since led to the sudden appearance of many companies offering Google AdWords Management, most of which appear to be staffed by people with as much knowledge of Google AdWords as you, potentially
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How a PPC Advertising campaign can leverage your SEO Strategies.

Many business experts have been saying for a while now that for best visibility/growth etc you need to diversify your online advertising strategies. Sure, putting all your proverbial eggs into one basket does mean you will be able to commit more of your time to getting results but it also means you’re going to be
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Negative Keywords Explained

Negative keywords are one of the most important aspects of running a successful AdWords campaign. Adding a negative keyword to your Campaign or AdGroup means that your ads won’t appear for search queries where that search term has been used. EG if you use the negative keyword free trial, it means your ad isn’t going
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5 Tips to Advertising Online for Photographers

Online Marketing is difficult at the best of times and being a photographer generally makes it harder! Let’s see, I’m guessing you’re a small business, potentially it’s just you trying to balance the books, go on site, book jobs, assist clients, advertise wisely, save cash and that’s just Mondays! So let’s look at some easy
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