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Google Instant Preview Tool: Changing the way we view our Search Engine Results

Over time Google has been making steady improvements to their search results, with the goal to make selecting a good and relevant website easier for Google users. Google is now using more image based snapshots in the search results; this feature is known as Google Instant Preview.

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In November 2010, Google introduced Google Instant Preview. What this means is Google users are able to see a small magnifying glass next to the Organic search results; this magnifying glass provides a graphic overview of a search result and highlights the most

relevant sections of the website. The Instant Preview tool is now able to be used for paid Google ads, giving the searcher the ability to preview the sites’ landing page to see if its content matches what they were searching for.

By allowing users to preview your site prior to clicking on it means that you should be receiving a lot more qualified traffic now. This is because users now have a visual way to compare all the search results quickly, meaning they can decide their best choice a lot faster. The most relevant content on the sites will also be highlighted in the preview in orange, so the user is going to be able to see, before clicking, if the website is going to provide relevant data to their search. This places a lot more importance on making sure your landing page is aesthetically and contextually appealing.

Instant Preview clicks aren’t charged to your AdWords account. As per normal, you will only receive a charge when your actual ad is clicked on and the user is directed through to your landing page.

Independent companies have been running tests to see what the effects of this change have been having for Google AdWords Advertisers. Tests have found that Google users who use the Instant Preview feature have typically been at least 5% more satisfied with their search results.