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Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 1 – Content

As a business in the online age, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when trying to keep up with all of the changes and requirements Google rolls out. The most common grievances I hear from clients have to do with the ever-changing nature of Google and that they sometimes seem to be making
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Social Media Pay-Per-Click: A Shot In The Arm

Although businesses are starting to come around to the benefits of social media, there have been quite a few casualties due to a lack of understanding where the PPC (pay-per-click) part of it is concerned. While organic growth and engagement is fantastic and should be encouraged wherever possible, if you’re starting from scratch then you
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Have an App? What’s your Plan?

Apps are fast becoming the next “.com boom” with tens of thousands of fantastic ideas circulating around and smartphone usage shooting through the roof. As with most other aspects of online marketing, a social boom translates well for tech savvy companies looking to utilise the latest trends to promote themselves. But once you have an
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Why Is Social Media Important To SEO?

Long story short: Because search engines cannot afford to ignore it. With Google in particular, long before they launched Google+ they spent a lot of time figuring out how to rank facebook within their search results.

What does Google’s “Hummingbird” update mean for your SEO?

Basically, not a whole lot. While Google’s “Penguin” & “Panda” updates were aimed squarely at SEO and educating websites on what they expected of them, “Hummingbird” has an entirely different purpose.

Get Ready To Embrace Social Media!

The time for social media is coming and it’s closer than you think. Very soon facebook will be releasing a feature entitled “Graph Search”, which just might revolutionise the way we search!

Remember What SEO Stands For: Search Engine Optimisation

Over the past couple of years it’s seems that SEO companies are a dime a dozen. Businesses must feel spoiled for choice when they jump online to start researching prices and SEO providers with dozens offering things such as “no contracts”, “endless keywords” and what seem like impossibly low prices. But a note to the
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The Low-Down on Keywords & Domains

Having your most prominent keyword in your domain ( for example) can be quite valuable in terms of SEO, but it’s not absolutely essential.

Why you need quality SEO content on your website

Have you ever clicked on a search result and ended up on a page full of text that “wasn’t quite right”? Whether it was spelling mistakes, messy grammar, or paragraphs of random text that just didn’t make sense, this was likely cut-rate SEO content (text content with keyword density which is designed to help you
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Why You Might Want To Re-think Changing Domains

Did you know that Google takes the age of your domain ( into consideration when calculating where you will rank in search results? That’s right, the people at Google create their search algorithms based on a large number of factors, but they all come down to one thing: trust.