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Social Media Pay-Per-Click: A Shot In The Arm

Although businesses are starting to come around to the benefits of social media, there have been quite a few casualties due to a lack of understanding where the PPC (pay-per-click) part of it is concerned.

While organic growth and engagement is fantastic and should be encouraged wherever possible, if you’re starting from scratch then you really do need to rely on PPC to get you started. The initial growth period on facebook in particular can be quite slow and you need to utilise these tools to get things moving. Once you get into the rhythm of this, you’ll find that things will start to snowball and require less and less PPC once you reach a certain point.

However it’s not just fresh starters who can benefit from social media PPC. However big your audience, it’s hard to beat knowing exactly how many people you are likely to reach (a feature of promoted posts on facebook) or being able to target demographics in inventive and unique ways which can’t be achieved with an organic post.

Have an especially important message to communicate to a particular crowd? Boost it! You can target demographics such as age, gender, location and much more. You can utilise even more advanced targeting when you create specific ads via ads manager, which you can now create for both the right hand column and news feeds.

Facebook ad have even introduced “ad objectives” to their advertising so that right off the bat after clicking “create an ad” you can select from templated formats  as per below:

So if you’re on social media and things are feeling sluggish, invest a little and see for yourself what social media PPC can do!