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Why Running AdWords Over Christmas Is A Must!

As the holiday season approaches it is a vital time for advertising on Google AdWords for a number of reasons.
The two week period that covers Christmas and New Years provides advertisers with the perfect opportunity to get the jump on the competition leading in to 2014.

The Google AdWords bidding system is a live auction environment, meaning if there are less people advertising there will be less competition for positions. As many businesses pause their advertising campaigns over the festive season the bidding process becomes much less competitive. This means that it’s possible to appear at a higher position on Google for a potentially lower cost-per-click. This is likely to result in a higher rate of conversion over this time. Of course the other obvious benefit of having less competition makes it more likely of recording a sale, enquiry or other type of conversion.

The importance of advertising over this period is not only to record conversions over this specific
time but to improve factors of your AdWords that will ensure you are on the front foot heading in
to the new year. If an ad is at a higher position in the Google Ad Rankings then it is likely to receive
a higher click-through-rate. As click-through-rates are a key factor in determining quality scores,
which ultimately impacts what you pay for a click. If we can show the ads in a higher position over
the Christmas period for the same cost-per-click it is possible to increase the Quality Score of our
Keywords which could mean a lower cost-per-click heading in to 2014, even when the competition
heats up.
At times, Google can be a strange beast. One thing we often encounter with accounts that are
paused for a few weeks is that they can take some time to ‘warm back up.’ This is due to a number
of reasons (entry/exit of competitors, market changes, etc) but it’s very rare that a campaign
will convert at the level it did previously as soon as it is switched back on. Because of this, we
recommend running on a reduced budget (5-20% of budget during normal business periods) over
this time rather than turning the campaign off. This will allow changes to be made to keep up with
the competition and will also mean we hit the ground running once it’s time to run the campaign at
full capacity again.
So enjoy your Christmas break, put your feet up and relax after a year of hard work but don’t forget the importance of Google AdWords over this vital period.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at SponsoredLinx.