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Digital Marketing Updates – December

Facebook Adds New Inspiration Hub to Creator Studio

Facebook has added a nifty new feature to Creator Studio that can help creators and Facebook Page managers find, collect, and curate content. The new ‘Inspiration Hub’ is a discovery tool that can serve you popular posts and hashtags that are relevant specifically to your Facebook Page, making this a good way to source trending content on the platform. You can add additional filters such as region, page category, and content type to help narrow your search and find out what Facebook users are responding to. To access the Inspiration Hub, simply go to the Home tab on your Facebook Creator Studio.


LinkedIn Adds Live Video & Newsletters to Creator Mode

Also looking to upgrade their creator tools, LinkedIn has added three new features to their repertoire: Get Discovered, Newsletters, and Live video. Previously LinkedIn Live was only available to pages or members that with more than 150 followers and/or connections that matched certain criteria. Now, LinkedIn has decided to make live video available for creators as well to help them maximise audience engagement. Get Discovered, on the other hand, is a tool that allows potential followers to find you and your content, giving creators a chance to also get featured as a suggested creator to follow. Lastly, the Newsletter feature allows you to publish a newsletter on topics related to your business on a regular basis. Additionally, every time you release a newsletter, your followers will receive push, in-app, and email notifications to all your subscribers, helping you truly leverage your reach on LinkedIn.


Users Now Able to Search Local Store Inventory on Bing

This month, Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, announced a new feature that expands local search for both businesses and consumers. If you’re looking to see whether a certain item is locally available in nearby shops, Bing and Bing Local are now keeping stock. Bing will also give you details on the store location, operating hours, and reviews, making for a more seamless online shopping experience. To accomplish this, Bing makes use of Local Inventory Ads (LIA), followed by product ads (non-LIA). So if you’re a local business, now would be a good time to update your online shop’s LIAs so that you can get listed and get seen on Bing.


Instagram Introducing New Tools for Parents & Guardians

Are you a parent? Are you often worried that your teens might be spending too much time on Instagram? Well, thankfully, Instagram is now taking a more proactive approach to protecting teenagers on the platform. To start, Instagram has stopped people from tagging and mentioning teens that don’t follow them. Instagram has also announced that come March of 2022 they’ll be giving parents & guardians more involvement in their kids’ experience by letting them know how much time their teens are spending on Instagram and providing them with the authority to set time limits on usage. Instagram is also providing parents with an educational hub that will help them bring social media usage into their conversations with their teens.