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twitter marketing tips

Tempting New Tweeps To Your Twitter

In 2017, given the continual supremacy of Facebook and the new wave of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter feels like the forgotten middle child left outside in the proverbial cold. Though, you’d do well to remember just how powerful Twitter can be. When used effectively, it’s still the easiest social network to interact with both prospective and current clients. So, if your business’s Twitter page is drier than some butterless crackers, here are some Twitter marketing tips to get your page back #onfleek.

Express Yourself

Make sure your page sticks out by ensuring your logo and any other imagery associated with your company are set as your display picture as well as your background. Users are immediately put off by ill-fitting images and default backgrounds. Customization is the key.

twitter marketing tips - express yourself

Optimise Your Bio

You’ve got yourself 160 characters to impress. State who you are, what you do and where you do it. When people Google you, your bio appears in the search results (that was exactly 160 characters, go on, count em).

twitter marketing tips - optimise your Biography

Follow Your (Potential) Fans

Use apps like Followerwonk, TwitterCounter and the search box to find tweeps based on their interests (along with their location). If they look like potential business then engage by either following, replying to a previous Tweet, or both. Look out for users with an even follow/following ratio as they’re more likely to follow back. Show them love by Retweeting praise, and make sure they feel valued by following up with a personal touch. Don’t just be a shell; Twitter is all about real- time information given by real people – you have to stay on your toes!

Stick Your Handle On Everything

Just as you would on your website, email signature, and or other social media platforms, how off your links! Get creative and make sure the people you interact with via other mediums are aware of your Twitter handle.Print bumper stickers, or shave your Twitter handle on the side of your pooch and let him run loose for a few hours! Actually, scratch that last bit, that’s a terrible idea.

Track Your Mentions 

Keep a keen eye out so you know what is being said about your company at all times – and where appropriate, reply politely and professionally. Customer service is indeed the new marketing, and the quickest way for people to comment, critique and query is via Twitter. Monitor the conversations users are having about your business, and hop in when the time is right. Remember, many people will tweet about things they need. Therefore,  you can use the search bar to look for terms relative to the service your business provides.  Make the first move!

twitter marketing tips - track your mentions

Keep Yourself In The Loop

Look at what’s trending that day, which hashtags are popular and what the meme of the month is – and then find a way to make it relative to your brand. By putting your business amongst what’s currently trending, you’re opening yourself up to a much wider audience and attaching your business to what’s happening at that very minute.

twitter marketing tips - keep up with trends

Twitter was created for an instant and easy interaction between people, celebrities, and businesses. If your page is a one-sided conversation, it’s not working. If your tweets are spaced days apart and as servicing your existing customers. Find the balance between all three, and your Twitter will become your most powerful marketing tool!