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5 Social Media Tools The Experts Use

With all of these different social media platforms to run your campaign on, it’s no wonder people are starting to hire social media managers. But how do those social media managers deal with every other aspect of their job? Here’s a list of five essential social media tools the experts use to run a successful campaign.


Slack is essentially an instant messaging service for your team. Ideal for any business size, you can create ‘chat rooms’ for employees to follow which makes it convenient for cross-team collaboration. Slack allows its users to upload files, images and many other resources and get an instant response from your coworkers or project followers. Furthermore, the search box allows you to go through any archived feeds to retrieve old messages (such as notes from previous campaigns) to reference again at a later date.

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AdEspresso is an incredibly convenient software tool for social media ad campaigns. Firstly, it can run split tests allowing you to find the most cost-effective campaign. Secondly, the dashboard gives you a preview of all your analytics including total amount spent, conversions and your best and worst performing ads. Even better, AdEspresso was created by HootSuite, a leader in the marketing industry. Because of this, AdEspresso allows you to boost your posts directly from the HootSuite dashboard.

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Evernote is a great tool to keep track of any changes to ads. Together with your team, you can share notes, set a timeline and delegate roles and responsibilities. This tool is available on most devices making it easily accessible for anyone involved in the social media ad campaign. It also automatically syncs across all your devices in real time.

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Best known as a content discovery tool similar to BuzzSumo, Feedly can provide much more than that. Great for content curation, Feedly collects content and creates a personalised feed with an ample amount of readings for you to peruse as you please. Feedly also integrates with scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer so you can share directly from the applications dashboard.

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Struggle to find great images that are optimised for each social media platform? Visage is a tool that does just that and more. Using Visage, you can collaborate with your team to manage and edit your brand’s design. Restrictions apply to each role so you don’t have to worry about any tampering if you’re only seeking verbal input.

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These are just a few of the thousands of marketing tools available to social media managers or anyone else working on a social media ad campaign. Making use of these tools will help you to take your social media campaign to the next level. Whether it’s through better and clearer communication resulting in closer teamwork, or through more aesthetically pleasing visuals attracting more leads. Hopefully, by incorporating these social media tools, you’ll be able to see the proven positive effects they can have on increasing your leads and helping you run a successful social media ad campaign.

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