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Social Media Blunders That Can Land You In Hot Water

If you’re without a dedicated social media manager or team, you can occasionally find yourself stuck in a sticky situation with your social media posts. While social media is an ideal way to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website, it can also be a little dangerous to your company reputation if not done correctly. Now, we wouldn’t want you making easily avoidable mistakes, so we generated a list of the most common social media blunders to help you run a smoother profile.

Dealing With Negative Feedback

One of the greatest risks in turning to social media for your business is the chance of receiving negative feedback. It is a common fear that anything less than positive comments about a business will result in a tainted reputation. While this can be true of those who don’t respond to customer comments, there is plenty of research that shows customers who receive replies are likely to purchase again. However, this also relies on the business admitting their mistake without reinforcing their leading position within the market. Studies also show that the majority of consumers expect a reply within the hour. The takeaway here is that you must reply swiftly, but genuinely.

social media blunders

Being Too Corporate

Social media was created for people to communicate. If your business or brand is too corporate, then no one will want to reach out and connect. Your posts need to seem real and human, not generated and stiff. Reply to consumers often, personalising responses by using their names, or repeating the issue for clarity if it is a complaint. Don’t over-promote yourself either. No one goes on social media to be spammed with sales promotions and have adverts take up their newsfeeds. Offer something of value to your consumers, and slip in an ad or two when necessary.

social media blunders

Limited Interaction

A lot of businesses make the mistake of posting content to ensure their social presence, but you shouldn’t be relying solely on that. Some may even believe that creating and setting up a social media profile is enough as it is, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Don’t make updates but limit participation in customer conversations. This will decrease your social media presence and lead to a disinterest from consumers. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason –  you need to converse and engage.

social media blunders

Not Tracking Analytics

Social media is the same as any other campaigns you run. It’s there to increase your presence, traffic, leads and conversions. So why would you not measure your ROI and check your insights? Just like you measure your SEO, PPC, or any other marketing campaign, social media should be tracked and assessed too. Any data you can measure will prove valuable to finding out the extent of your influence. Google Analytics can assist you in monitoring engagement, conversion, trends, the popularity of your posts and the quality of your followers. Collecting your analytics will ease the effort you have to put into your social media marketing.

social media blunders

Social media can be a tricky world to manoeuvre but if done correctly, can create a world of possibilities for expanding your business and growing its online presence. Avoiding these few social media blunders, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a solid online profile that can increase traffic and conversions.

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