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Tips For Scheduling Social Media During Christmas

Does the lead-up to Christmas leave you feeling like a headless chook blindly running around? If you’re like any other business owner, you’re most likely busy trying to achieve a million-and-one things right now – from the annual close down (or continued running) of your business, to presents and family time. So where does your social media management fit into this?

Below, I share some tips that will make the task of scheduling social media during Christmas much easier…

1. Use Hootsuite.

While it’s certainly easy to schedule your Facebook posts through your business page, it can become rather time consuming when you have to replicate this across each social media platform. Luckily, Hootsuite has you covered! With this handy app, you can add all of your social media platforms and then schedule posts across all of them – or a select few – by simply clicking on each icon. Add a message, link or image, schedule your post time, and then submit!

schedule christmas hootsuite posts

scheduling a hootsuite post

2. Remind users of sales. 

If you’re having a holiday sale, such as a Boxing Day or New Year special, schedule the post to go out the day before so you don’t tip off your competitors too early.

3. Never run out of things to post.

If you’re worried about having the time to write new posts or find enough content to share over the holiday period, I thoroughly recommend ‘Edgar.’ Not only can he schedule your posts for you, but he’ll also reshare from your content pool so you never run out of posts! So how does the program work? Essentially, you’ll create a categorised content library from which Edgar can grab items (eg. quotes, blog posts, puns), schedule the content by category, and then allow Edgar to do the rest! 

Edgar - Publishing Tool

4. Favour light-hearted content. 

Let’s face it – Christmas day is about many things, but often those things include a lot of food and fun activities. People want to relax and have a laugh on Christmas day – not sit down to read a lengthy post about your newest product (unless they received it as a gift that day!). Instead, you should favour fun, light hearted posts. According to Olivia Spinelli from Digital Klood, it’s important to think about what your followers want out of you during this period. 

“Design your message so that it gives social media users something they genuinely want at this time of year, whether that’s a way to pass the time, a joke they can share, or an offer that is too good to resist. “Remember that when people are free from the constraints of work they won’t want to be reminded of it, so avoid heavy content and focus on entertainment and low-key information delivery.”

Happy holidays!

The SponsoredLinX team.